oil in my hair, and it's still dry

Why do I put oil in my hair, and it’s still dry?

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Why do I put oil in my hair, and it’s still dry? This is a common misunderstanding; oil does not moisturize your hair. Oil can help keep them moisturized in your hair, but it will not help with dry and brittle hair.

Why is my hair dry?

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Dry and brittle hair needs hydrating and moisturizing; therefore, you should stop using just oils. Oils are a part of some conditioners, and they are good for a lot of other things.

Moisturizing includes creams and lotions that have water as their main ingredients. One of our favorites is Garnier Whole Blends Gentle Detangling Milk Oat Delicacy.

Curly hair textures usually need more moisture for their hair, so you should change your routine if you have curly hair.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about moisturizing your hair and signs of damaged hair.

How to moisturize hair

For moisturizing your hair, you should use products that contain mostly water. You can use hair milk and hair lotions for this purpose.

Hair stylers and oils on their own will not help you out if your goal is to moisturize your hair.

For starters, just run some water through your fingers and run them through your hair from time to time.

Leave-in conditioners are also a good idea for those with dry hair. Pick the ones that are creamy and have a label that says ” for dry hair”.

Aloe vera, avocado oil and shea butter are also good combinations for maintaining the moisture in your hair. Pick products that have this mix, or make one for yourself.

Also, you should include hair masks into your beauty routine, and don’t forget to sleep with them.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you will notice results immediately. The best results will come 2-3 weeks after a consistent routine, so be patient.

Does argan oil dry out hair?

Excessive use of argan oil can dry out your hair over time if you don’t use something for moisturizing.

Argan oil can clog your hair, and it won’t let moisture get to it, so don’t overdo it.

Argan oil is generally good for hair because of its fatty acids, but you shouldn’t use it more than once a week. You should moisturize your hair almost every day if you don’t want to end up with dry hair.

Pro tip: A better choice of oil is avocado oil, so don’t forget to check it out the next time you buy your oils.

Keep in mind that every hair texture is different, and maybe argan oil does not have that effect on you. However, moisturizing is good for every hair type, so don’t skip that step in your beauty routine.

What are the signs of damaged hair?

The signs of damaged hair are usually noticeable; the most common are:

  •  Damaged hair often gets tangled.
  • It’s dull and unmanageable. It is common for damaged hair to be devoid of natural oils and moisture. 
  • It’s frizzy or static after you wash it or after you strengthen it.
  • It’s brittle, breaks easily, or falls off a lot.

If you notice any of these signs, you should work on your hair and change your hair care routine. If you have damaged your hair a lot, you should cut it.

After a fresh cut, you should buy products according to your hair type and what it needs. You should include leave-in conditioners, natural oils, and hydrating hair masks.

Why does my hair feel dry when it’s wet?

If your hair feels dry when it’s wet, the main reason is lack of moisture.

If your hair feels like straw or dull and unmanageable, that means that it lacks moisture, and you should work on that.

What can you do to treat dry hair?

You should avoid heating tools, stylers, and other unnecessary products while recovering your hair. Just focus on moisturizing it with creams, lotions and leave-in conditioners.

Above you can find some other tips about maintaining the moisture in your hair, so don’t forget to check that out as well.

You will need a couple of weeks of consistency to bring it back to normal, but don’t worry, it will be worth it in the end.

Conclusion: What if I put oil in my hair, and it’s still dry?

This happens because oil does not moisturize your hair, and dry hair lacks moisture. Oil can help you fight dry hair by keeping the moisture locked, but you will need other products for hydrating and moisturizing your hair.

The products that we recommend for moisturizing are lotions, creams and leave-in conditioners. If you have brittle hair, you should pick high-quality ones that contain ingredients such as water, shea butter and avocado oil.

If you update your hair routine, you will notice the results after 2-3 weeks. When you notice the results, don’t give up on hydrating your hair, this is a very important step.

Hydrating your hair regularly has no side effects; it is good for every hair type. 

If you don’t want to buy any products, you can just put some water on your pals and run through your hair.

 We hope this article gives you some insight into the difference between oils and moisturizers and that you now know how to treat your hair properly.

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to comment in the section below.

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