White nail polish on dark skin toes

White nail polish on dark skin toes?

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White nail polish on dark skin toes looks both beautiful and chick. Many ask this question because of the huge contract between black and white, but actually, white looks better on darker skin tones in general.

If you choose a cool summer color for your toes, go with white, the color will make your feet stand out positively.

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White looks better on darker skin tones because it can make you look even paler on white toes, and they won’t be noticeable at all.

Women usually choose a more neutral color for their toes and leave the vibrant ones for their nails, but white is a color that is both neutral, but it will give you that “icy” note.

White fingernails and white toenails are considered a winning combination if you are in a colorful swimsuit because they match everything, and they only emphasize your beauty.

What’s the most attractive toenail color?

The opinions for the most attractive toenail color are divided, but we are giving you our best choices for 2021:

  1. Red
  2. Nude
  3. Lavender
  4. Magenta
  5. White Pearl
  6. Lime Green

You will surely find a color that will look attractive on your toes, and you can choose from basic ones such as white and nude to more extravagant ones such as lime green and red.

If you are indecisive, you can try a lavender shade; most guys think lavender is a trendy nail color right now.

Some researchers say that most women wouldn’t pick the lime green color for their feet because it is ” too much, ” but you should try it out if you are bold.

Whatever choice you make, you won’t regret it because these shades are perfect for everyone.

Does your nail polish have to match your toes?

No, you can wear completely different nail polishes on your hands and feet and still look chick. Most people choose to match or choose a neutral color for their toes and a more colorful one for their hands.

Our top choice is a French pedicure and bright orange or mint green for your manicure. This is a combination that will make you stand out from the crowd, and you need to try it.

For the summer, neons on your hand and toes are one of the most popular options. 

Nail salons say that if you want to match, then choose French nails for both your feet and your hands because it will make you look tidy.

What color nail polish makes your feet look smaller?

If you want to make your feet look smaller, choose an ocean green shade if you have a dark skin color. If you have a fair skin color, then pick neutral shades such as nude or baby pink.

Big feet can be a problem for some ladies in the summer, but there is an easy solution; all you need to do is choose one of the colors above.

There are also other methods for visually making your feet smaller: avoiding flats and wearing sandals with wider straps.

Also, the more neutral colors of your shoes will make your feet look smaller compared to darker ones.

One final tip is to always cut your toenails short, longer nails will give an impression of even bigger feet, and you wouldn’t want that for sure.

How do you keep white nail polish clean?

You love to wear white nail polish, but you are afraid of getting it dirty, don’t worry; you can fix that with these steps below:

  1. Use lemon juice to clean up the mess
  2. Apply the top coat every day or two
  3. Use shaving cream to remove any specks of dirt
  4. Use gloves when doing something 

Pro tip: Tea tree oil is another natural product for removing stains of nail polishes.

Don’t forget to buy high-quality white polishes because some of the brands on the market offer some white shades that won’t look good on nails.

Avoid wearing white nail polish when you are at the beach because the sand will make it dirty, and the sun lotion can make your nails turn yellow.

It would be best if you wear darker colors that won’t stain as easily as light colors.

Conclusion-White nail polish on dark skin toes?

Toes with white nail polish look both elegant and chic on dark skin. In general, white looks better on darker skin tones because of the contrast between black and white.

If you have a darker skin tone, you should put white nail polish on your toes next time; it will look great!

However, white nail polish is hard to maintain; therefore, you should avoid it during summer if you don’t want to get it dirty. But, you can always clean the spots with lemon juice or tee tree oil.

If you want to make your feet look smaller, wear lighter shades and lighter colors of shoes- that is a great tip.

We hope that this blog post informed you about white nail polish on your toes.

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