What if I forgot to shave before a spray tan?

If you forgot to shave before a spray tan, it’s best to go ahead and spray tan and then shave afterward. This is because shaving opens up the hair follicles of your skin. This means the chemicals in the tanning solution will enter those hairs and turn them orange. To avoid this, wait about 24 hours after you’ve to spray tanned.

Spray tanning is easier if you shave beforehand, but we don’t recommend shaving immediately before a spray tan. If you forgot to shave days before, it is better not to shave last minute.

You should always shave your legs after a spray tan because shaving beforehand can cause your tan to fade faster. Only shave with water, using a razor that isn’t too sharp, and wear a good pair of flip-flops to avoid cuts.

Keep reading if you want to find out more on how body hair affects spray tan and which fake tan is the best option for unshaven legs.

Will body hair affect spray tan?

Yes, body hair can affect spray tan, but to some degree. When you apply spray tan to body hair, it doesn’t take to the hair as well as the skin. The spray can stick to the hair, meaning it won’t look like a natural tan and may look blotchy.

Body hair can interfere with how well the solution will adhere to your skin. The spray tan won’t look good if it doesn’t stick to the areas where there is hair. The less body hair you have, the better your tan will be.Shaving/vaxing beforehand will help you get a flawless look when you get a spray tan.

If you decide to shave or wax, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before getting a spray tan and 48 hours if you are waxing. Waxing can cause ingrown hairs, disrupting how long your tan lasts.

The best fake tan option for hairy legs?

I think it is best to use self-tanning mousse or lotion if you have body hair. It will adhere better to your skin, and you won’t take stripes.

Skip the gradual tans if you have hairy legs. The hair will stick out more after each application if you’re going for a natural look.

Pro tip: Preparation is key. Exfoliate before applying any tanning product – that way, your fake tan won’t stick to any dry skin or even knots in your leg hair.

Is it better to shave or wax before a spray tan?

It is better for you to wax than shave before a spray tan. The rule of thumb is to wax 24-48 hours before a spray tan and shave at least 24 hours before or after your first shower after a spray tan.

This is because shaving will exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells do not take to color well, so when you shave before a spray tan, you are shaving off some of your fake tans in the process.

Pro tip: If you have had a spray tan and are experiencing irritation or redness, avoid waxing until it goes away.

On the day of your spray tan, you shouldn’t shave, vax, or exfoliate. You can take a shower, but your skin needs to be completely dry when you start applying the tan. Also, on your tanning day, skip moisturizers, lotions, or any other stuff that can make your skin oily.

Can you shave after a spray tan?

You can wait 24 to 48 hours after a spray tan before shaving. After a spray tan before shaving, the longest you should wait is about 72 hours or three days.

You won’t get an even spray tan if you shave right before or right after. Shaving with an old razor or one that isn’t very sharp can result in nicks and ingrown hairs, which tend to stand out more on tanned skin.

Pro tip: Always make sure your skin is completely dry before applying lotion, makeup, or anything else to your skin. Don’t rub your skin vigorously with towels when you dry off after a shower or bath. Pat yourself dry gently instead.

What about showering after a fake tan?

It’s OK to shower immediately after a spray tan but avoid hot water until the solution has fully set into the skin. However, if you want to do it 100% correctly, wait 12 hours before you shower, just in case.

It’s also important not to sweat for 12 hours following your spray tan application. It’s best to keep physical activity light during the first 48 hours following your spray tan session. This is because heavy exercise could lead to sweating and streaks.

Conclusion: What if I forgot to shave before a spray tan?

Don’t worry if you forgot to shave before your spray tan and have hairy legs. Your spray tan should still come out fine. Yet, if you notice patches of uneven color or blotches, feel free to contact the salon owner so they can give you some advice on how to fix it.

Yet, if you’re concerned about it, I recommend shaving or trimming the recommended 2-3 days before any spray tan application. We advise you to go for vaxing a couple of days before your tanning session, and you don’t need to worry about body hair at all.

We have a lot of blog posts that will help you get ready for a perfect tan, so don’t forget to check them out as well. If you follow our tips and tricks, you will get a glowy, long-lasting tan every time you apply it.

The key thing is not to shave before your tan because the razor will do more damage than the tan if any at all. 

We hope this blog post answers some of the burning questions about body hair and shaving before a spray tan! If you have any thoughts you want to share, feel free to drop them below.

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