purple nail polish mean

What does purple nail polish mean?

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If you are wondering what does purple nail polish mean- the answer is it expresses individuality, art and creativity. One of the most ” artistic” shades, which will undoubtedly draw attention to you.

If you are looking for a color that will make you stand out in a positive way, purple is the way to go.

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There is a trend among teenagers that implies who is wearing purple nails she is taken, in the sense that she has a boyfriend. 

A more serious note to purple nails is that they represent the fight against domestic violence. During domestic violence protests, many women paint their nails purple to support the victims.

Purple is one of the colors with the strongest symbolism, so if you are planning on wearing a bold color that says a lot about you, purple is the way to go.

Picking a nail shade based on its meaning and symbolism is one of the funniest ways to do it when you are indecisive.

What does lilac nail polish mean?

Lilac/Lavander is a lighter shade of purple that got tremendously popular in 2021. Lilac is a soft color that symbolizes femininity, spring, fertility and flowers.

It is one of the girliest colors after pink and red, so many women like to wear it.

It is one of the most popular colors in spring, and it is suitable for every skin tone.

Lavender is a chic color that can never look tacky. It goes better with lighter colors than with darker ones. 

For example, lilac and white make a beautiful combination together, and it is an excellent design for your nails.

Lavender is also a good shade for your toes, it will bring a dash of femininity into your pedicure, and you should try it as soon as possible.

What are the shades of purple?

Purple is a color that has many shades, but the most well-known are: deep purple, purple-blue, lilac, dark violet, violet, grape and indigo.

Purple actually has around 50 shades, but a lot of them are similar to each other.

Deep purple is one of the most known colors, and it rocks with lighter colors but doesn’t go well with black.

Grape is one of the most graceful chick colors you could wear; you just need to find it on the market.

As we have said, lilac is a popular and beautiful color for those of you who prefer lighter tones.

Indigo and purple-blue have that ” blue” note to them, but they can look fearless and fabulous on your nails.

If you thought that deciding on the shade of purple would be easy, you are definitely wrong. You can choose from various shades, but we recommend lighter ones if you are trying out purple for the first time.

If lighter ones are too basic for you, then indigo or deep purple shades will amaze you momentarily.

The best purple nail polish brands

Purple is a popular color; therefore, there are a lot of brands with various shades on the market, and you can get overwhelmed choosing the right one. Don’t worry; we have prepared a list of our top brands and their products:

  1. Orly- Purple Crush 
  2. Essie- Go Ginza
  3. OPI- Samurai breaks a nail
  4. Zoya- Abby
  5. ILNP- Hi-Fi

If you have trouble choosing between these five best-sellers, we have prepared some tips to help you out. If you have fair skin, you should select something lighter such as Zoya or Essie.

If you have a darker skin tone, you should choose something darker like Purple Crush or Samurai breaks a nail.

If you are looking for the most extravagant color, just put on one coat of Hi-Fi.

We hope that we have made your decision process easier and that you will choose one of our top colors.

Is purple a good color for pedicures?

Yes, violet and light purple nails are always one of the best options for your toes, and they will give your pedicure just enough color to look healthy and beautiful.

As we said, purple is one of the most popular shades for nails, but most people wouldn’t expect it to look good on their toes. We must admit that it is a bold move, but summer is perfect for bold moves.

The shades of purple will look wonderful when you are at the beach or on any other type of vacation.

The popular colors for pedicures are: nude, white, olive green, yellow and pink. So, if you are in doubt about what color to choose, start from this list.

Remember that your nails and toes don’t have to match; you can pick whatever color you like. Some girls even choose darker nails and lighter toenails, and it looks more than good.

If you express yourself and you are confident with your choices, you will rock every shade, wherever you go.

Conclusion: What does purple nail polish mean?

The meaning of purple nail polish is that it expresses creativity, individuality, and art. It is a trendy shade that is next to pink and red when it comes to femininity.

There are 50 different shades of purple, and you can choose from lighter to darker ones. All shades look fabulous on both hands and toes, and you will undoubtedly find the one that matches your personality.

One of the most popular shades is lilac, and it represents femininity, spring, fertility, and flowers. A spring color that will give you an extra boost of confidence, and you won’t take your eyes off your nails.

Fun fact: Porphyrophobia is the fear of the color purple, and some people have it. Even though it is strange, it can cause discomfort, and they prefer not to wear it.

One of the best choices is Orly’s, Essie and Zoya’s shades, so you should check them out. They have a variety of beautiful and top-notch products that will look amazing for days.

We hope this blog post has shed some light on purple shades, their meaning and the top choices.

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