When can I wash my hair after a keratin treatment?

When can I wash my hair after a keratin treatment? No washing for at least three days. Also, no wetting your hair for at least three days. No matter how long you wait, don’t go crazy with the shampoo.

Try to keep your hair dry as much as possible for at least three days, and then you can wash it with regular shampoo. After three to four days, you can use a shampoo for color-treated hair that contains sulfates.

After five days, you can shampoo and condition your hair any way you like. Remember not to color your hair until after the keratin treatment is completely gone.

Pro tip: Avoid chlorinated pools if you can.

This type of treatment is a commitment and requires careful maintenance, so before doing it, inform yourself properly.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about keratin treatment and how to manage your hair during that period.

Can I put my hair in a ponytail after keratin treatment?

Some people put their hair in a ponytail after a keratin treatment, but others have found that it doesn’t work well. The solution may be as simple as using a softer elastic band. You should also avoid pulling the ponytail too tight.

If you pull your hair back too much and for too long, it could mess up the effect of your keratin treatment.

If your hair is longer than shoulder length, you may want to braid it to prevent damage or breakage. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to shield your hair from damage when you tie it up.

It is generally safe to tie your hair back in a ponytail after a keratin treatment. Still, you may need to adjust how you do it to protect your locks from further damage.

Can you use dry shampoo after keratin treatment?

Yes, dry shampoo is a good option because it won’t strip away the keratin in your hair the way that wet shampoos can. The best way to use dry shampoo is to apply it directly to the roots of your hair and brush it through.

Try to avoid applying dry shampoo directly to the strands of your hair. It can make your hair look dull and clumped together.

Another tip for using dry shampoo is to apply it before bed. This will allow you time to brush through the dry shampoo before you wash it out in the morning with wet shampoo.

Can I flat iron my hair after keratin treatment?

The answer to this question is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. If you have the keratin treatment done at a salon, you will probably not be able to flat iron your hair for a few days after the procedure. 

However, if you have keratin treatment done in the comfort of your own home, you may be able to flat iron your hair pretty much as soon as it’s dry.

Keratin treatments can make your hair look smooth and shiny. Still, how long you have to wait until you can use a flat iron on it depends on the type of keratin treatment you get.

If you use a flat iron, don’t forget to use a high-quality one and heat protection spray before that. Our favourite flat iron is The BaByliss Pro, which you can check out on Amazon.

Don’t forget a heat protection spray. You can choose whatever you like; our recommendation is Moroccanoil Protect And Prevent Spray.

Can I use purple shampoo after keratin treatment?

It depends on your specific keratin treatment, but it’s best to wait two to three weeks after a keratin treatment before using purple shampoo. To be safe, you should always read the product instructions on the box.

If your hair is dry at the tips and it’s been more than a week since you’ve had your treatment, then yes, you can use purple shampoo,

Purple shampoo won’t cause any harm to your keratin treatment if you use them moderately and after a couple of weeks. The more frequently you use purple shampoo after a keratin treatment, the less permanent the results will be.

After a keratin treatment, following instructions to avoid damaging your hair is essential.

Why should you use purple shampoos?

Purple shampoo can remove the brassy tones from your hair, leaving it looking darker and shinier. Purple shampoo works best on blonde hair.

After you’ve washed your hair with purple shampoo, rinse it well and condition it from root to tip. If you need to use a purple shampoo, don’t forget to check out our blog post about purple shampoos and how to use them. You will find plenty of information, and you will run to the store to get your bottle.

Keep in mind that purple shampoos can damage your hair if you overdo it, so always start slow and see how it goes.

Conclusion: When can I wash my hair after a keratin treatment?

You can wash your hair after a keratin treatment any time you feel the need to. However, for best results, hold off for at least 72 hours.

The key thing to remember is that your treatment will only last a few months. Most people get 6-8 months out of the keratin products.

However, they should treat their hair like any permanent chemical service. That means using good sense when washing their hair or doing anything else that might cause heat or friction until the treatment is gone. 

Washing your hair in cold water for a day or two after a keratin treatment is good. It can help ensure that no damage occurs to the cuticle of your hair due to the high heat of hot water.

We hope this blog post answered some of the most common questions about keratin treatment. If you have any more questions, feel free to write them down in the comments! We would like to know everything about your experience with keratin.

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