Signs of high porosity hair

Signs of high porosity hair

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The signs of high porosity hair are noticeable because your hair feels dry, tangles easily and absorbs products quickly. If you are not sure, you can do a porosity test and check out if you have high/normal or dry porosity.

Other signs of high porosity hair:

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  • Dries easily in about 2-3 hours naturally
  • Doesn’t look shiny after some products
  • Tends to get frizzy and unmanageable.

If you still can’t decide whether you have high porosity hair or not, you can do a glass test. Just put a strand of your fallen hair in a glass of water and see how it behaves. If it falls down very quickly, you have high porosity hair.

High porosity hair is not a sign that you have bad hair; you just need to adjust your hair care routine so that your hair feels smooth and healthy.

Keep reading this blog post if you want to know more about taking care of your high porosity hair. You will find out everything you need to know to take your hair care routine to the next level.

What texture is high porosity hair?

The texture of high porosity hair often feels rough and bumpy when you run your finger through it. High porosity hair absorbs moisture quickly and releases it quickly.

That is the main problem because your hair will always feel not hydrated enough. This is why high porosity hair is prone to damage and breakage.

Apart from the texture, your hair can look dull and tangled, and that is how you can notice it needs extra care.

High porosity is not always necessarily bad; you just need to adjust your routine towards what it needs.

What products are good for high porosity hair?

Now that you know what high porosity hair looks and feels like, you can follow these tips and find out what products you need.

  • Deep conditioner with protein
  • Shampoos that have ingredients such as butter and oil
  • Olis that are heavy such as olive oil and coconut oil
  • Coconut and shea butter as hair masks

Tips for high porosity hair:

  • Avoid heat, and use a heat protectant
  • Don’t wash your hair with hot water; switch to mild and cold

You should use organic and natural products when you can. Shea butter is a good example because it will keep the moisture locked for a longer period of time.

You should also use natural cooking oils such as olive and coconut. They are heavy and will moisturize your hair better than lighter oils such as avocado.

If you use lighter products, your hair will absorb and release it quickly, and your hair will feel like you haven’t done anything. Don’t worry; the products won’t build up on your hair because high porosity hair does not do that.

Fun fact: Usually, straight hair is the least porous; curly hair can have both high porosity and low porosity.

Is rice water good for high porosity hair?

Yes, rice water is good for high porosity hair because rice has a lot of protein. High porosity hair needs protein, and this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Rice water will help your hair grow, and it will improve its strength and texture. However, you should use it once a week if you don’t want to experience product buildup.

How can you make rice water for your hair?

  1. Take one cup of uncooked rice and pour it into a bowl
  2. Add water until it has filled the bowl completely
  3. Leave it overnight
  4. In the morning, pour the water into a spray of the bottle
  5. Use it to rinse your hair before or after washing it.

After a day or two, if you haven’t used up all the water, it might start to smell. If you want to avoid that, you can put some essential oil in it.

Rice water is known as a good natural product for hair, digestion and skin. There are many recipes to implement into your daily routine, and we are always for natural products over chemical ones.

Can you change hair porosity?

The answer is yes or no, depending on the situation. Many people have natural high/low porosity hair, and that has to do with genetics. If you are one of those people, then you should just accept it.

However, sometimes the weather conditions, stress, and eating habits can change your hair’s porosity. If that is the case, you can turn it back to normal with proper hair care.

Also, over the years, our hair is prone to change; therefore, you can experience many different hair types.

We can’t decide if low or high porosity is better or worse; they just need different products. You should choose your products based on your hair’s porosity to be sure it is the right hair care.

Conclusion- Signs of high porosity hair

If your hair has high porosity, it will feel dry, can tangle easily, and absorb products quickly. Also, natural drying takes about 2-3 hours and doesn’t look shiny and hydrated after some products.

Make sure you do a test and find out what kind of porosity you have so that you can buy the right products.

It all has to do with moisture; low porosity hair doesn’t take it moisture easily, but it can’t get out that easily when it is there. On the other hand, high porosity hair captures moisture easily but releases it fast.

High porosity hair should use leave-in conditioners, heat protectors and butter/oils that are heavier.

If you follow our tips, you will manage and style your hair easily, and it will look healthy and shiny when you are out of the bathroom!

We hope this blog post gives you the information you need when it comes to signs of high porosity hair and how to take care of it. What products do you use in your beauty routine? Do you follow high/low porosity guides or not?

Leave us a comment about your hair care routine in the comment section below.

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