Tips to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Nail Polish Peeling Off? Here’s are Tips to Make it Last Longer

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Nothing turns out to be more satisfying than getting your manicure done. Spa-like experience leaves you in a dreamy place where you feel perfectly pampered.

Tips to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

But Wait! What spoils your happiness of having your nails done? There is nothing more infuriating than chipped nail.

If you have endured such experience, you are probably wondering how to make your nail paint last longer.

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Honestly, every person wants to know the simplest tips to make their manicure last. Going to the salon repeatedly is not the solution. I have got some tips that would make your nail polish last longer.

Want to get rid of the WORST NIGHTMARE of chipped nails? Let’s dive into this article to know some easy-peasy tips.

How Long Can Your Nail Polish Last Without Getting Chipped?

Before plunging into the list of tips to make your nail polish last longer, let’s answer to a common question-how long can a nail polish last without getting chipped.

Well… there is no single factor that can determine the long-lasting effect of nail paint.

It is dependent on various variables, that vary specifically from person to person and the type of manicure session you opt for.

Normal or natural nail polishes have the tendency of lasting a few days without getting chipped.

On the other hand, some hard-formulas like gel nail polish, can last couple of weeks without any sign of chipping.

Tips to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Let’s come to the point and discuss the tips for which you are here. Try out the following tips and notice satisfactory results.

Tip # 01: Apply Nail Polish on Dry Nails

If you haven’t paid heed to this tip before, you are at loss. Cleansing your nails is a good practice but drying them properly holds much importance. Our nails have the capacity of shrinking and ultimately expanding in water.

If the nails are not properly wet, applying nail polish on them contribute to chipping. The reason is that the nail polish gets in contact with the wet nails, which once dried, start to crackle.

Tip # 02: Avoid Applying Thick Coats of Nail Polish

Another amazing tip that can make your nail paint last longer is to apply thin layer of nail paint rather than getting your hands on thick coated layer.

The simple concept behind this practice is that thicker coat takes relatively longer time to dry completely. If not dried properly, thicker coat becomes easy to peel off.

If you are in hurry, we recommend drying your nail polish fast with hairspray method.

Tip # 03: Keep Hot Water at Bay

Nothing compares to the joy of taking hot baths during winter. By exposing your nails to hot water for long time can be damaging to your nail paint.

The reason is that hot water gets into the underlying areas of your polish, and retains a moisture bed there. It ultimately leads to peeling off the nail polish.

Besides this, make gloves your chum during house chores to protect your nails from getting chipped.

Tip # 04: Go on Reapplying Top Coat Every Other Day

To keep your manicure looking fresh, go on reapplying top coat every other day. By sealing the top most layer of nail paint, you reserve the nail paint from peeling off easily.

Besides this, reapplying top coat will give polished look to your nails, retaining the long-lasting effects of the nail polish.

Try out this tip to witness your nail polish lasting longer.

Tip # 05: Do Apply Cuticle Oil for Long-lasting Effect of Nail Paint

Don’t skip out this tip and if you have been ignoring it, its time to get consistent with it. Don’t leave your nails thirsty for moisture as it leads to more chances of your nail paint getting chipped away easily.

Applying cuticle oil to the base of your nail after washing your hands or getting manicure done, you will notice satisfactory results.

Make sure, you add this tip to your daily nail care regime to retain the moisture of your nails.

Final Words

If you want your manicure last longer without any nail getting chipped away easily, you need to go an extra mile. Taking care of certain tips can do wonders to your nails.

Get an idea from the above-mentioned tips and enjoy having perfectly polished nails for longer time.

I hope these tips work for you!

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