Is breathable nail polish halal?

Is breathable nail polish halal? The answer is, we can’t know for sure.The trend of breathable nail polish has started recently, and many people are confused.

The claim that water vapour can easily penetrate through breathable nail polish isconsidered not entirely true. 

The more coats you apply, the less likely it becomes for your nails to be permeated with moisture because only one layer of paint per finger/toe will allow this process to occur without obstruction by other layers underneath or around them.

Many experiments have shown that without heating up enough for evaporating into gas form first (which requires reaching 100° C), there’s no way anything will pass through your barrier coat!

The instructions for many brands say that you need to rub your nails for 30 seconds if you want your nails to absorb the water, but eventually forcing it is not the point of having breathable nails.

That is why Muslim women usually don’t wear nail polish before and when praying, as a part of their ritual.

Therefore, if you are not sure that your nail polish is halal, don’t use it or apply just one coat.

The trend of producing breathable and halal-approved nail polish is at the beginning, so probably in the future, we will have more proof that these nail polishes are indeed breathable.

What does halal mean?

In the Arabic language, “Halal” translates roughly into English as “permissible” or something which would otherwise violate a rule but still has some uses on occasion even though not specifically allowed by another term/law etc.

Halal nail polish is designed for Islamic prayer, so you can wear it without having to worry about polluting your wudu.

 In the past, some women refused to wear any cosmetics or apply anything on their nails because they were not porous enough and could interfere during ablution-the washing themselves before going into mosque/service time!

A new type has been created just for these religious requirements called ‘halal’, which means permitted by Islam itself in the Arabic language.

In terms of food, the word Halal means it must meet certain standards to be considered as such. Islamic law dictates that what we eat can influence our spirituality and health.

It is about time that beauty paid more attention to cultural diversity, and halal nail polish should be just the beginning.

What does wudhu mean?

Wudhu is the ritual washing performed by Muslims before prayer. Before performing it, you should be clean and wear good clothes to present yourself before God with your best effort during salat or prayers.

How is this connected to nails and nail polishes?

During the ritual washing, your nails should be touched by water, and they should absorb it. 

Regular nail polishes don’t absorb water; therefore, the ritual is not complete.

For those who wear traditional Islamic dress, the halal nail polish has been a way to make it more breathable during washing for prayer. 

Can you pray with Orly breathable nail polish?

The company states that their nail polishes are breathable; however, few tests prove it if you apply 2-3 layers.

Orly’s new range of breathable halal-certified polishes are made with a special, permeating technology that allows water to pass through. The ingredients have been specially formulated for this purpose and will not interfere in any way with your natural nail growth or polish durability!

Halal nail polishes should be as good as regular polishes when it comes to quality.

There is a variety of breathable nail polishes on the market now, but don’t forget to read the instructions carefully before buying any of them.

Scientific research is still looking for a 100% halal approved option for many beauty products, so we hope that we will get the products we need in the future.

How do you remove halal nail polish?

Halal nail polish is very easy to remove, and you can do it by following these steps below:

  •  Simply apply a little olive oil on the nails, let it soak for 10 minutes and then wash your hands with soap.
  •  If you’re in a hurry, dip your fingers in warm water until the nail polish begins to peel off.
  •  Make sure that you don’t put any harsh chemicals or acetone on your nails because these can dry out your skin and cause it to crack.

 Don’t use cotton pads – they will only make the nail polish worse by rubbing against it! Use paper towels instead.

You should also avoid using metal cuticle pushers because this may scrape up the top layer of skin around your nails, which can be painful! 

Instead, use wooden sticks or plastic ones if you must push back cuticles at all.

Conclusion- Is breathable nail polish halal?

It is not clear whether or not breathable nail polish is halal. 

While it may be permissible to use if the ingredients are known, many people have questions about these ingredients and how they react with water vapour. 

The more coats you apply, the less likely it becomes for your nails to be permeated with moisture because only one layer of paint per finger/toe will do well in protecting against sweat glands on your fingers that produce wetness when active.

Halal nail polish is a great addition to your beauty routine, but you should still be careful when using it.

 If the polish has been tested and certified as halal, then you can wear it without having to worry about polluting your wudu during prayer time. 

However, if the nail polish doesn’t have that certification yet, then even though not technically haram (forbidden), wearing it may make things confusing regarding whether or not one’s hands are clean before they pray.

Don’t forget to look into each and every product’s ingredients so that you will know whether or not it is halal.

We hope that this blog post has given you the information you need about halal and breathable nail polishes.

Leave a comment if you know of any nail polish brand that has 100% halal nail polishes in stock.

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