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How to Take a Compliment Gracefully

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How to take a Complimnet Gracefully

Okay, I just watched this Amy Schumer video. I was shocked. Ohh noo noo not at what happened in the video but at the thought that I do the same thing what all the ladies were doing – Not taking a compliment happily.

Have you ever done that? I am sure many of us have the issue – We do not know how to accept a compliment positively. We either give credit to someone else or starting making excuses for why it is not true or it won’t stay the same way for long.

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The biggest trouble in this situation is we are damaging our own self-confidence and self-worth by doing this. The realization hit me really hard after watching the video. I agree to be humble and to show gratitude is the biggest personality traits leading to a satisfactory life. But we can be humble and gracious while accepting nice things about our own self from others.

It’s equally annoying when the situation is reversed. When you pay a compliment to someone and they just turn it down. If you are anyone like me who talks really less and small talks are really out of comfort zone, it’s a buzz kill.

So how to accept a compliment – It is not rocket science or we do not need to have any special traits to accept a compliment. A really simple step – when someone says anything nice about you, just smile wholeheartedly and say “Thank You, You made my day”.

Your true smile and comfort will say a thousand words leaving the other party happy and feeling acknowledged. Take it wholeheartedly and enjoy the spotlight honestly.

If you really feel like saying something back – give credit where it is due, whether it’s your team, your colleagues, family or friends. Acknowledging their effort for something you are getting compliment will boost their confidence too.

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