How to sunbathe on your front when pregnant?

If you want to sunbathe on your front when pregnant you should get into a position that doesn’t pressure your belly. Tuck a towel under your chest to support the lower half of your body, lifting it slightly off the surface while you relax the upper half of your body.

You can also use a pillow or cushion to support your head and put another cushion beneath your hips for added comfort. It is not dangerous to lie on your stomach when pregnant as long as you do not put pressure on your belly.

Make sure that you do not lie on any parts of the front of your body, particularly with pressure on your breasts or stomach. Keep reading if you want to find out more about sunbathing while pregnant.

How should you lay in the Sun when pregnant?

It is important to be safe while laying out in the Sun, pregnant or not. Here are some tips that can help you out:

  • Cover your stomach
  • Wear a specialist range of tanning products
  • Use a sun protection factor (SPF) product that offers UVA protection
  • Find products that are safe to use when pregnant
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat
  • Avoid the hottest time of day between 11 am and 3 pm
  • Drink plenty of water

You should sunbathe most comfortably for yourself and your belly. Remember not to overdo it; 10 minutes of exposing yourself to the Sun is enough to get vitamin D.

Also, make sure you follow all of the tips we mentioned above to help you maintain your beautiful tan while taking care of your baby.

Many pregnant women choose to use self-tanners ( tanning lotions etc.). We have an article about the topic of self-tanners and pregnancy, so you can read all about it.

Is it OK to sunbathe while pregnant?

Not many direct studies prove sunbathing will directly influence your body and the baby. Yet, some say that your skin is more sensitive to UV light and that too much exposure can damage your health.

One of the side-effects of too much exposure to sunlight can be a skin allergy. Tanning beds and sunbathing cause the same amount of damage, and you should avoid them during pregnancy.

Ten minutes in the Sun every day is enough for you. You should check out other tanning options such as lotions and spray tan if you want a tan. Many of our articles talk about types of fake tans, so you should check them out and find out which work best for you.

How long can you sunbathe while pregnant?

The experts agree that it is probably safe to sunbathe while pregnant if you do not overdo it. Ten to thirty minutes is enough time for you to be in the Sun.

Yet, if you are fair-skinned or have a history of sunburns, you should be more careful. If you have had repeated sunburns throughout your life, you should keep your exposure to the Sun to a minimum during pregnancy.

The recommendation is to avoid direct sunlight from 10 am to 2 pm when the Sun’s rays are most intense. Plus, use sunscreen (at least 15 SPF) if a pregnant woman does stay in the Sun for an extended amount of time.

Keep reading if you want to find out if babies feel sunlight in the womb and if newborn babies should be out in the Sun. 

Can babies feel sunlight in the womb?

Yes, babies feel the sunlight. They can also feel sound vibrations before birth. Temperatures in the womb can be as much as 15 C (59 F) hotter than room temperature. It is not recommended to stay in the Sun for too long for that reason.

A baby may not be able to react to light at first. Yet by the time, it reaches 6 months old, the ability to see sunshine or ultraviolet light will be completely developed.

Babies have a lot of different senses from very early on. They can hear, see and smell in the womb, but their sense of touch is one of their last to develop.

Should newborn babies be in the Sun?

Babies younger than 6 months shouldn’t be in direct sunlight at all. A newborn baby’s skin is much more sensitive than adult skin. Infants are prone to heat rash (miliaria) and sunburn.

Sunscreen is safe for newborns and older babies if it has an SPF of at least 50 and has been specifically designed for children’s skin.

If your baby is under 6 months old, the best way to protect them from the Sun is by keeping them out of it altogether. Thus, stay indoors or in the shade during the hottest part of the day.

Pro tip: Sunscreen must be at least 70% titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to reflect UVA rays from the skin.

We recommend covering up babies for up to 1 year or keeping them in the shade as much as possible.

Conclusion- How to sunbathe on your front when pregnant?

You can use a towel, a pillow, or a body pillow to support your stomach and get comfortable on your stomach. It is best to make yourself comfortable for those few minutes in the Sun. Please don’t overdo it, and don’t press your belly.

Pregnant women should not lay on their front when the Sun is at its highest. Stay in the shade and/or wear sunglasses and a hat.

When you are out in the Sun, take frequent breaks in the shade. Even if you don’t have time to stop by the beach, tanning at home can still be done with care by avoiding direct sunlight and wearing sunscreen with high SPF.

We hope this blog post gives you the information you need for sunbathing and pregnancy. Are you pregnant, and do you sunbathe? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them, our team will get to you as soon as possible.

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