How to stop gel nails from lifting

If you want to stop gel nails from lifting, you need to prepare your natural nails properly and apply gel by following these six steps below:

1. The first thing you should do is file your nails down, so they are as short and level as possible

2. Apply a base coat to the nail bed, followed by two coats of polish 

3. After applying the second coat of polish, apply a clear gel top coat on top and wait for it to dry before starting with another manicure

4. When filing or shaping your nails, use small strokes in one direction instead of sawing back and forth across the surface

5. If you want to wear nail tips over your natural nails, make sure that you place them correctly at least an hour before going out, so they have time to set properly

6. Finally, avoid using any harsh chemicals around the house such as acetone-based products like nail polish remover or household cleaners because these can cause damage to acrylics and weaken them over time which will lead to lifting

Extra tip: Don’t use acetone-based products like remover, polish thinner, or acetone nail polish because these will cause the gel polish to peel off quicker than usual!

How do you fix lifting gel nails at home?

If your nail starts lifting, you should first cut away the gel lifted from the original nail. Then, take a file and file the gel around the natural nails and smooth it as much as possible.

You will add the new gel all over the gel and not just the spot.

But before that, you should clean your nail with rubbing alcohol so that there are no longer specks of dust from the filling.

After cleaning, dehydrate and prime the nail, and add a thin layer of gel-like usual.

Add another layer if you still see a bump, and then go with the usual gel procedure.

Keep in mind that if the part of the nail is very lifted, you will need to file for longer.

If this is complicated for you, you can go ahead and remove your fake nail and then start over again.

Will a lifted nail reattach?

A lifted nail won’t reattach, but if the damage is not big, you can fix it on your own.

If your fake nails have lifted a bit, you can follow the steps above and get your nails done in no time.

However, if you suffered an injury and your fake nail has been torn out with your natural nail, we have bad news for you.

After a nail separates from the nail bed for whatever reason, it will not reattach. A new nail has to grow back in its place, which can take up to 6 months or more!

If the fake nails have been lifted completely without damaging your natural nails, you can add gel and create a new one.

But, don’t file your natural nails; just apply a thin layer of base coat.

What do you do if your nail is detaching from the nail bed?

If your natural nail strats detaching from its nail bed, you should trim that part immediately.

Cover your nail in tape or some kind of bandage until your natural nails have fully grown out.

It would be best to do this as soon as you notice your nail detaching because you don’t want to tear it somehow.

If you are not sure how to trim your nail properly, it is best to go to the nail salon and get someone else to do it for you.

Trimming your nail is the first and most important step if you want to save your natural nail.

If your nail hurts, soak it in cold water with ice for 20 minutes, it will certainly ease the pain, and you will feel better.

Tru to avoid any harsh chemicals during the healing process because you can hurt the soft tissue of your nail.

Use gloves when it is necessary for you to get in contact with some harsh chemicals.

You should check on your detached nail every time to see if there is an infection or fungus.

If you see something unusual, you should visit a doctor, and they should prescribe a cure.

What is a bonder for gel nails?

A bonder gel is a UV-C-based product that can be used as both an adhesive and primer. 

The silicone base of the 2 in 1 system makes it perfect for strengthening your natural nails without ever having to worry about filing them down or risking destructive tool damage!

Applying a bonder is an important step when doing your nails if you want your nails to stay on longer than 2 weeks.

Conclusion- How to stop gel nails from lifting

 The best way to stop gel nails from lifting is to prep the natural nail bed with a base coat and two coats of polish before applying any gel. This will ensure that there are no air bubbles under the product; therefore, your nail won’t lift.

Sometimes it may be helpful to apply an additional thin layer of clear polish on top if this happens or use a light-coloured coloured gloss over the top for added protection from lifting in high traffic areas like at work or school.

During this preparation phase, it is very important to use a bonder for gel nails because it is both an adhesive and a primer, and it will make sure your nails don’t lift.

A lifted nail won’t reattach, so don’t try to attach it by yourself and trim it instead.

If your natural nail has completely fallen off, then you need to wait 6-18 months for it to grow back fully.

Taking care of your injured nail during its growing out phase is key.

If lifting happens often, you should check possible reasons why your nails won’t stay.

We hope that this article has helped you learn some hacks about lifting nails and how to prevent a bad nail injury.

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