Make Fake Nails Stay on for Longer Times

How to Make Fake Nails Stay on for Longer Times

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Wearing artificial nails or fake nails and maintaining them perfectly for long time is a daunting task. Keeping them ON can be a headache, but you don’t need to worry about anything!

Fake Nails (Artificial Nails)

There is always a trick, technique or any easy-peasy hack behind every task that works wonders for it.

Do we have some effective ways to make artificial nails stay on for longer times? A simple and lucid answer is YESSSSSS!

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This article will shed light on some of the tips that can help you maintain the artificial nails for longer times. You can do this from the comfort zone of your home.

Even your hectic lifestyle won’t obstruct your effort of maintaining fake nails, because you just have to attribute 10-15 minutes to your nail care rituals.

Tips to Make Artificial Nails Stay on Longer

Let’s have a look at some of the tips to keep your fake nails stay on for longer times.

Make Fake Nails Stay on for Longer Times

Tip # 1: Keep your Natural Nails Clean Beforehand

Make sure your nails are clean and well-prepared before applying the false nails. An easy-to-go option is to wash your hands with luke warm water and soap.

Gently rub your nails so that every nook and corner of your hands and nails is cleaned properly.

Go for a chemical-free natural nail polish remover. Natural nail paint removers are a good option because they remove the nail paint without compromising on the strength of your nails. They also remove any greasy layer, oil or lotion that can cause hurdle in sticking of the glue to the nail bed.

Once you are done with your nail care ritual, make sure the nails are completely dry. If it isn’t dry, wait a little bit to prepare them up for the fake nails in advance.

Another bonus point you need to remember is to file your nails. Don’t confine yourself to filing the tips only, rather you should go all over surface area and file it down.

Make the surface of your nail a little bit rough so the glue and the false nail works perfectly on it.

Tip # 2: Try to Apply Fake Nails at Night

The rudimentary approach is to apply fake nails at night as it will adhere strongly to your natural nails. Do it before going to bed.

In this way, your fake nails would get maximum time to stick properly to the glue, thus, strengthening its longer duration.

As you apply the fake nails at night, you will not indulge yourself in wetting your hands until the next morning. A long span of night would keep your nails adhered to glue as you would not do any task that require your hands.

It is the easiest tip that you can follow to keep your fake nails stay on for longer time. Do this a couple of minutes before going to bed and then enjoy a sound sleep!

Tip # 3: A Good Glue Works Wonders

Always open up a new pack of glue when you are applying fake nails because the previously used glue might have dried up, thus, not offering good sticking power.

Mostly, the nail glue that comes along the fake nails is of cheaper nature. It does not stick the fake nails properly to your natural nails.

A better approach is to invest on a good quality nail glue. Go for the one that has a mild concentration of chemicals.

Apply couple of drops of glue on the back face of the fake nail. Then place it properly on the nail bed. Don’t leave any gap if you want your fake nails to blend in properly to your nail bed.

Keep it in place for at least thirty seconds.

Tip # 4: Apply at the Thumbs Right at the End

Don’t apply fake nail to your thumb in the first place. Apply at your index finger and then go up until you reach the thumb at the end. This way of applying fake nails is easier.

In this way, you can press hard on your fake nails properly. At last, you can give an extra strength to your fake nails at the thumb.

Tip # 5: Choose Well-Designed False Nails

This tip is an important one and you need to pay heed to it. Make sure you get hands on well-designed false nails as it will definitely affect the outcomes.

Go for the fake nails that blend super smoothly with your natural nails. Pre-shaped options are best as they save much of your time.

In short, get your hands on such false nails that are jampacked with best features.

Some Do’s and Don’ts that can Keep your Fake Nails Stay on for Longer Times

Avoid exposing your nails to too much cleaning products and detergents as it will reduce the sticky power of glue and ultimately result in loosening of your fake nails.

Wear gloves when doing household chores or cleaning tasks. Simple rubber gloves can protect your hands and fake nails from chemical damage.

Avoid exposing your nails to too much water as it will soften the nail glue. Always dry up your nails quickly after washing them.

Don’t put pressure on your fake nails by scratching something off or opening any can. They might seem trifling tasks but they weaken the real strength of fake nails.

Apply fake nails of normal length as they will not pull off easily. The longer the length of fake nails, the easier it pulls away from the natural nail.

Wrap Up!

Fake nails add versatility to your nail fashion. But keeping them on track every time seems to be a difficult task.

By following up the above-mentioned simple tips and tricks, you are going to make your fake nails stay on for longer times.

With just few basic manicure items and well-designed fake/artificial nails in your hand, you can do this act on your own at home. Good luck!

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