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How To Know A Man Only Wants To Sleep With You – 12 Signs

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Do you ever feel like the guy you’re seeing likes you more physically than emotionally? How to know a man only wants to sleep with you? It’s time to find out now.

So you’ve met a fantastic guy and everything appears to be going pretty smoothly.

However, something seems to be missing, and it isn’t moving that way or at the pace you desire. You’re not sure why he’s being so reserved.

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It’s worth considering what he wants and where everything is headed. If you’re not sure whether he really likes you or is simply looking for a fling, here are 12 signs on how to know if a man only wants to sleep with you.

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How to know a man only wants to sleep with you

1. You only see each other when he wants to

You only see each other when he wants to - How to know a man only wants to sleep with you

You may realize that you only spend time together on his terms if you’re dating a guy who just wants to have sex with you. He might be the one who decides when you see one another. Maybe he only texts you first when he’s had too much to drink and wants to give you a booty call at 1:00 am, or only sees you when he wants to sleep with you.

If he liked you, he’d make time to meet you on your terms as well-you wouldn’t simply be a handy choice for him when he’s in the mood. He’d make you feel important and treat you with consideration. You’d get out of bed more often to accomplish activities and enjoy each other’s presence.

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2. He always wants to meet at his/your place

Here’s another sign of how to know a man only wants to sleep with you. If you start to see him more and more at your/his place, it means that he has chosen the simplest and most convenient approach to satisfy his desire. How? Staying home means you can have sex whenever you want, and he doesn’t have to devote much time, effort, and money to building a connection with you.

If a guy is really into you and sees you as a future partner, he would want to go out and do everything with you, such as going to a fancy restaurant or introducing you to his friends. A guy who just wants to order a pizza for the night should be avoided at all costs.

3. He’s just interested in your appearance

He's just interested in your appearance - How to know a man only wants to sleep with you

It’s wonderful being with a man who constantly gives you great compliments. However, you’ve probably realized that the majority of his praises are directed towards your beauty and how fantastic you look, not your inner traits.

This is a sign he only wants to hook up with you and isn’t interested in anything else. He might not appreciate your personality or anything other than your physical attractiveness. If a man truly likes you, he will congratulate you on your knowledge, humor and morals. Those who become overly acquainted with you before you’ve had the opportunity to form a close relationship with them should be avoided.

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4. Your conversations always become sexual

If you’re wondering how to know a man only wants to sleep with you, pay attention to your conversations. Whenever you two talk, if he always manages to inject sex into the discussion, no matter what the subject is, it’s a hint that he only wants sex with you.

Guys that desire more will want to learn more about you and what you’ve been up to.
If he had feelings for you, he’d be able to conduct non-sexual talks with you! You’ll feel a lot easier to chat about different topics.

5. He doesn’t reply to your daily messages

He doesn't reply to your daily messages - How to know a man only wants to sleep with you

He reacts quickly to your fun and flirtatious text messages. However, if he sees regular messages from you, he usually responds quite slowly, or worse, stays silent without a reply.

What he wants is to keep a lighthearted connection. When you send each other regular texts that include details about daily activities, things seem more serious like a real relationship. That’s why he avoids asexual and daily messages. It’s not a good indicator if you observe this trend in your chat record with him.

6. There’s sex every time you see him

You never get to grab a coffee or have lunch with him. When you’re together, it’s always in the evening and usually late, because that’s closer to bedtime, and you “end up” having sex. Because that’s exactly what he wants. How to know a man only wants to sleep with you? This is one key sign.

Sex is important but when a man likes you for who you are, he’ll prioritize his time for you and want to do what you both enjoy, not necessarily just sex.

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7. Foreplay is over in a flash

Foreplay is over in a flash - How to know a man only wants to sleep with you

Every time you have sex, there’s not much kissing or caressing. You find the foreplay part over pretty quickly. It’s probably because he wants to utilize you sexually, so his body is primed for a sex act. What he cares about is his own pleasure. You’re simply a sexual partner and that’s it.

A man who sincerely cares about you and respects you will develop deep feelings for you. It’s not just having sex. It’s about making love, because it’s so much fun to hug, kiss, and touch, so foreplay can linger a long time.

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8. He gets mad if you refuse to have sex

When a guy really wants to sleep with you, he’ll go to great lengths to lure you. How to know a man only wants to sleep with you? He becomes upset or gets mad if he doesn’t have the sex he desires. He thinks his efforts have been in vain.

If a man likes you emotionally, he’ll just appreciate your presence. You may ask him over to see a movie and then call it a night, he’ll simply be glad you spent time together. Despite the fact that you usually have sex, he’s fine with you not having it that day. A passionate kiss and a hug can be just enough for him.

9. He avoids staying the night

He avoids staying the night - How to know a man only wants to sleep with you

Do you get the impression that he constantly leaves right after you’ve had sex, or that he wants you to leave immediately? Does he always have reasons why he can’t spend the night or why you can’t stay with him? It’s either his work, family or friends. Frankly, he just wants sex, not an intimate connection with you. Once it’s done, there’s no need for you (or him) to be here.

When a man really wants a genuine and personal connection with you, he will want to lay in bed with you after sex to talk, to feel what it’s like waking up together. He’ll want a warm, tight bond with you.

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10. He can disappear for days without saying anything

It’s typically not a good indicator when you can’t contact a guy for days and he doesn’t reply to anything. Then all of a sudden, he calls you to ask if he can come over late one evening. That only means he’s simply interested in you for the sake of sex.

If a man adores you, he’ll want your attention. He’ll love to talk to you, care about you, and protect you. He won’t want to leave you worried.

11. He doesn’t want to be seen in public with you

He doesn't want to be seen in public with you - How to know a man only wants to sleep with you

If he never introduces you to his friends or you rarely go out together, it means he’s probably scared of being caught with you. Why? Because he doesn’t want anything to do with you other than sex, which he prefers to keep secret. In other words, he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

Most men like to take things slowly with a lady they’ve recently met, and some men dislike holding hands. However, they wouldn’t mind taking you places, just as how dating should be.

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12. You never have real discussions with one another

How to know a man only wants to sleep with you? If you see him avoid important conversations with you and attempt to laugh them off or brush them aside, he’s not interested in getting serious with you.

Men who only seek to hook up with a female for sex are hesitant to devote more time and attention to her than is required. So no romantic date evenings, morning cuddles, or crucial conversations in which you must pay attention.

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What you should do

Of course it’s not always pleasant when you’ve learnt how to know a man only wants to sleep with you and realized the truth. Don’t let him treat you like a sex object. If you really like him, you will want him to truly act like a gentleman with affection, right?

You see, men are natural problem solvers. When a man likes you, he’ll want to protect you and be your hero. According to relationship expert James Bauer, this revolves around a man’s three natural drivers. However, most women are unaware of this.

Men desire usefulness. You can count on them. After all, they want to feel useful in your life. With the hero instinct, you can encourage him to keep stepping up and showing you how much he’s into you.

Why is it termed “the hero instinct”? Do men need to feel like superheroes to be joyful?

No. Skip Marvel. You won’t have to save the damsel.

The hero instinct indicates that these drivers are encoded into men’s DNA when triggered. They start to notice how amazing they feel with you, which increases their attraction. What’s more, it’s free of charge. Simply alter your behavior, awaken his inner hero, and watch “like” develop into “love”.

Watch James Bauer’s great video here for free, because you’ll find the answer. For starters, he shows you how to connect with a man to activate this very normal male desire.

It’s only a matter of knowing what to say to persuade him that you’re worth committing to. So watch it if you want to find your man and make him commit to you.

Take a look at this review if you’re still unsure. You will be surprised by the end of it.

Final thoughts

Now are you still wondering how to know a man only wants to sleep with you? I hope not. When you see that a guy is using you for sex, it usually indicates that he doesn’t place a high value on you. You’d be better off without him.

Don’t accept a relationship with a man who treats you this way. You are an amazing woman and you deserve a wonderful man who adores you. He would go to great lengths to please you, so don’t waste your precious time.

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