How to host a pampering party

How to Host a Pamper Party

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Do you need a reason to throw a party? Girls have always been creative, turning pretty much any gathering into a party, even if only a small one. Potential new boyfriends, sleepovers and movie marathons, long expected engagements and pregnancies, good grades and promotions, and sometimes even bad news all call for get-togethers which often turn into parties. Pampering parties are the best way for girls to relax and focus on themselves, and if you’re looking to throw a fabulous pamper party for all your girlfriends, here’s what you should know.

Set the date

It isn’t easy organizing more than three people together, which is why you should let your girlfriends know in advance when you’ll be hosting a pamper party. Set the date and let them know that you’ll be expecting them at your house at the appointed time. As things should be casual, ask them to bring their PJs, their bathrobes, nightgowns, and their favourite fuzzy slippers and socks, so all of you can spend the evening snug as a bug in a rug.

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Set the mood

How to host a pamper party - Set the

Before your pamper party begins and the guests arrive, you should make sure your home is presentable. This doesn’t mean that you should paint the walls and buy new rugs, but vacuuming and dusting shouldn’t be skipped. No matter how casual things are, having a clean and neat home is a priority, because that environment will make everyone feel instantly better. Buy scented candles, bring out every fluffy blanket and soft pillow that you have, and put on some relaxing music. At some point in the evening, you might want to go wild and play something faster and louder, but soothing music is best for the beginning.

Get snacks

Now, when you’ve taken care of the mood and atmosphere, it’s time to think about another very important thing: the food. Everyone knows that delicious foods impact well-being, so you will want to avoid getting fast food. Instead, get healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetables, make your own chips in the oven and make your own salsa or guacamole sauce. You can even give one of those vegan raw cakes a shot and try making it yourself. A glass of sweet, bubbly wine will complete the picture and make you all feel like you’re at a spa.

First the face…

How to host a pamper

When you all get settled, focus on skin first, as we seldom have time to really focus on our skin these days. Buy or make nice exfoliating masks with coconut oil and coffee grounds or brown sugar, and get rid of all those dead skin cells that have been dulling your natural glow. After exfoliating comes a facial clay mask which will brighten and soften your skin, and finish up with a nice moisturizer. This simple routine will help revitalize your skin and the very next day, you will notice how fresh you look.

…then the nails…

How to host a pamper

With all your girlfriends together, you can divide into pairs and do each other’s manicure. Wash your hands with soap and rub hydrating hand cream into them before you start. You can have your friends rub the cream for you and make sure you get some on your nails and cuticles too. Simply trim and file the nails and apply wholesale nail polish in a slightly different colour than the one you’re all used to, so everyone gets the chance to try out a new look.

…and finally, the feet

As you’ve already divided into pairs, you can use the opportunity to give each other’s feet a special treat. Before you start, soak your feet in a bowl of warm water to which you’ve added several drops of lavender essential oil. After you’ve dried them, use a massage oil or a scented foot cream to gently massage each other’s feet. The best way to end this pampering feast is to tidy up your toenails a bit and cover them with a nice nail polish so that it matches the one on your hands.

When planning any sort of informal and intimate event, people often forget what the most important thing is for everyone to relax and be comfortable. A pamper party isn’t a formal dinner which you should fret about, but a convenient excuse to have all your friends over and spend a girls’ night in, pampering yourself. Make sure you have everything but try not to worry too much or you won’t be able to enjoy the party at all.

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