how to heals cuticles overnight

How to Heal Cuticles Overnight [DIY Remedies and Tips]

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What is the worst nightmare in winters? It is having dry and cracked cuticles that not only make your skin visually and physically painful.

Cuticles should be kept clean as injured cuticles tend to develop into an infection.

Want to know the tip for healing cuticles overnight? This article is going to answer your queries.

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What are Cuticles?

Cuticle is basically the clear skin around your nails.

It is soft and gets damaged easily. Cuticles function as protecting layers around skin, saving your nails from bacteria and infection.


Being super delicate, cuticle gets cut off and infected easily.

Mostly, it’s the result of your biting off cuticles that the nails get infected. Besides this, there are other factors that can result in the infection around cuticles.

It might be frequent exposure to water, chemicals etc. this infection is typically called Paronychia.

This infection of cuticles come with a number of symptoms such as:

  • Change in the nature and color of nails.
  • Redness and itching around the nail.
  • Inflammation round the nails.
  • Blisters filled with pus

Paronychia comes in acute and chronic form. All you need to do is take care of your cuticles and don’t cut them as it can lead to painful consequences.

DIY Guide to Heal Cuticles Overnight at Home

There are several tips that can pay heed to in order to heal your cuticles overnight. Some of the amazing tips are as follows:

Tip # 1: Use of Topical Antibiotics Ointments

Ointments serve to be one of the beneficial treatments for healing cuticle. They have the ability of penetrating better than cream.

Apply the ointment on your nail and on the cuticles. Leave it for almost 5 mins. Then cover your fingers with the help of a glove. It’s better to use this remedy after taking a shower as your cuticles will be softened up.

Neosporin ointment works wonders as far as cuticle treatment is concerned. You can also get your hand on anti-fungal cream such as ketoconazole, which is effective in reducing inflammation.

Tip # 2: Use of Vitamins

Cracked cuticles can also be healed by taking vitamins. Increasing the intake of zinc and vitamin E enriched food helps in treating the inflamed cuticles.

Vitamin E tablets can also serve the purpose. Notice the change in the color of your nails once your increase the intake of vitamins.

You can also use anti-fungal ointments along it to kill the bacteria on the surface of cuticles.

Tip # 3: Use of Olive Oil

Olive oil is such a wonderful natural oil that spreads marvels. It also works well as a treatment for an infected cuticle. Take some virgin olive oil and warm it.

Wash your fingers and then soak your nails in the olive oil. Leave your nails in it for almost 6-7 minutes.

Try to do it at night and then cover your nails by wearing a cotton glove.

Wrap Up!

Try any of the tips discussed above and divert your injured cuticles to the healing phase. You should pay heed to certain other factors such as drink a lot of water.

Moisturize your nails by applying oils. Try to dry nail polish properly. Take care of these minute details and enjoy having perfect nails and healthy cuticles.

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