How to get green tint out of bleached hair?

If you want to get green tint out of bleached hair, you should follow these steps below:Mix a spoonful of baking soda with a glass of water until it becomes a smooth paste.Take a brush and apply the paste onto your green parts.

After 5-10 minutes, rinse it out and wash your hair as usual

Remember that these three steps will not wash out all of your green spots immediately, but after a couple of times, you will see the results.

Why should you use this mix?

The baking soda and water mix is the safest and best way to get rid of green tint without further damaging your hair.

Bleach is already damaging your hair a bit, and you don’t need any unnecessary chemicals.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about bleached/green hair and how to cover it up.

Why is my bleached hair turning green?

You have bleached your hair, and it turned green? The most common reason for this unpleasant situation is that you have ash blonde hair, and the bleach didn’t remove the undertones properly.

To fix this immediately, you can add a bit of blonde hair dye to your hair to fix the issue. There are other methods and colours as well, keep reading to find out more about them.

Pro tip: Never bleach your hair twice in a row; you will damage your hair and make it thin and unbearable. Please wait for a couple of months before you bleach it again.

Also, one of the reasons why your hair may become green after you have bleached is the chlorine in the swimming pool. If you have visited a swimming pool recently, this may be the cause of your green hair.

If you are not sure if these are the reasons for your hair mishap, you should talk to a professional.

How do you cover up green hair?

You should try to neutralize with colours such as black, dark brown or red.

You can do that by using red hair dye or use ketchup or tomato sauce for the same purpose.

Natural products that can neutralize green hair are:

  • baking soda
  • lemon
  • apple cider vinegar

You can make a paste out of these products and apply it to your hair. Rinse it out and repeat the procedure a couple of times a week.

Green hair is relatively easy to cover up; therefore, you don’t have to worry. Just try out one of these methods above and keep the damage to the minimum.

Will purple shampoo get rid of green tones?

No, purple shampoo won’t get rid of green tones. If you put purple shampoo on green tones, you probably won’t notice the difference.

Purple shampoos work on yellow tones that appear on grey or blonde hair. It does the perfect job for these types, but you will need a different colour for green tones.

What do you need for green tones?

You will need a red tooner or shampoo to cancel out green tones.

Our choice for this is Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye, which you can find on Amazon. If you want to use shampoo, our recommendation is Joico.

It would be best to start with the shampoo, and you will see results after 3-4 washes. If you are satisfied with the results, keep on using the red shampoo.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the shampoo, then you should turn to red dye.

You can try to apply it yourself, but you can always go to a professional if you are not sure.

A lot of these hair mishaps happen because people don’t know how chemicals work, and they are not sure which colours to use. Our advice is to thoroughly inform yourself before you try to dye your hair because it is permanent.

Will my hair turn green if I go swimming?

Yes, sometimes your bleached hair can turn green after swimming due to chlorine in the water. In some pools, there is a lower level of chlorine, and it won’t affect your hair.

However, in some pools, especially big ones, there are higher levels of chlorine. Chlorine can cause a chemical reaction, and you can end up with green hair.

Of course, not your whole hair, but the parts that have been bleached recently.

Our advice is to avoid pools a couple of weeks after bleaching your hair. Also, wear a swimming cap if you are a professional swimmer or you go to the pool often.

In addition, low-quality bleach can react to low levels of chlorine, so make sure you use high-quality brands for this purpose.

Conclusion- How to get green tint out of bleached hair

You can remove green tint from bleached hair with a mix of baking soda and water. Put this paste on your hair and wait for a couple of minutes, then rinse your hair and wash it as usual.

You can also try to neutralize the colour of green with natural products such as lemon, vinegar, and tomato sauce.

We mentioned tomato sauce because the red colour is the colour that neutralizes green. Many people think that purple shampoo can neutralize green, but it won’t.

Purple neutralizes yellow, and red neutralizes green. If you know the way colours work, you won’t make a mistake when you bleach your hair.

If you want to avoid green hair mishaps, you should avoid pools after bleaching your hair. You should also use high-quality bleach if your hair is prone to change colours.

Our advice is to go to a professional if you are not sure about your hair’s reaction to bleaching. You don’t want to damage your hair or end up with the wrong colour.

Once you know how your hair reacts and which bleach to choose, you can start doing it yourself.

We hope this blog post gives you the information you need when it comes to bleached hair and green tint. Has this ever happened to you? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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