how to ask a guy out for a second date by text

How To Ask A Guy Out For A Second Date By Text

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Your first date with him was great! Now, are you confused when you don’t know how to ask a guy out for a second date by text? There is a loving tutor here!

Wow! You had a great first date with him? While someone takes it for granted that it’s normal, we have to say that this is something to celebrate because it is not easy to find the right person for us!

The interesting conversation between you two after that time makes you want to see him again? How to ask a guy out for a second date by text?

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We know that you’re excited, but calm down first! Scroll down; this post will show you how to start the second date via messages.

Should You Actively Ask For The Second Date? 

Why Should You Do That?

Before answering the yes or no question, we want you to be clear and unaffected by prejudice. Many people still think that asking for a second time is a man’s job; if women do it, it will depreciate themselves.

However, we live in the 21st century. This means men and women are equal. It’s okay to open up to someone you have a crush on, so be confident and move forward!

Asking for a meeting and then canceling it can be awkward for both of you. Please consider carefully whether you want to do this or not.

how to ask a guy out for a second date by text

If all signals are positive, do not hesitate to seize the opportunity. Imagine your procrastination is increasing the risk of you losing him. 

Don’t let yourself regret it in the future and wish you had had a little more courage. Maybe the Cupid is waiting for you with an expected love ahead?

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If You’re Too Worried

Taking a deep breath and staying calm is what you need to do before sending the message. Being worried can make words more confusing. Simply, you’re following what your heart wants, so don’t pay too much attention to external factors.

You won’t know or control what will happen, so it’s best to go with the flow. Suppose you are still too worried. Pause for a few hours or even a day to see if you really want to text him.

How To Ask A Guy Out For A Second Date By Text 

How to ask a guy out for a second date by text? As a rule of thumb, you need to be confident, let things happen naturally with a little ingenuity, and most importantly, be yourself.

You Should Calm Down 

how to ask a guy out for a second date by text

Are you so excited after your first time because he’s exactly what you’re looking for? Falling in love and having a serious relationship as soon as possible is what you want?

Hold on; let’s take a deep breath. Clutter and confusion can screw things up, and your words may not be clear. Thorough preparation is a must.

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Be Confident

Don’t worry too much about the scenario in the future or what will happen because you cannot control it. Remember, you want to see him again, and always do it confidently.

You are still as beautiful as ever. A few red spots shouldn’t be a reason to delay your next appointment. In the long run, you can become discouraged and feel even more self-deprecating.

Be Honest And Positive

how to ask a guy out for a second date by text

We always like to hear the truth, so don’t hide your feelings in your heart or follow any rules. Tell him how much fun you had on your first meeting, like, “You’re attractive with a sense of humor, I really enjoyed today’s meeting!”.

Moreover, there may be a few things that make you feel less than perfect during your conversation, but let’s be positive. Everyone will have pros and cons, so let it go for minor issues.

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Be Clear And Direct

Skillful communication is a skill we all must learn and practice. You should convey what you want clearly and directly but still respect the other person.

Don’t beat around the bush, making him the one to initiate the conversation when you’re looking forward to seeing him again. “I want to see you again” or “Would you like to go out with me” is one of the safe but effective options.

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Talk Then Listen

how to ask a guy out for a second date by text

Your focus may be diverted from the first meeting if you are too anxious or concerned about how to ask them out on another time. Avoid letting what you’re saying consume your thoughts; concentrate on listening.

Take the time to hear what they have to say. If there is a genuine connection, this will enable you to decide whether to go on a second time.

We know that waiting is never happy, but it’s worth your time. Based on how he responds, you can also probe his attitude and whether or not to continue.

You May Need To Prepare

Consider writing down some of the things you wish to say. In the conversation, provide hints that you might see each other again to watch how they respond. You can tell whether they are interested in bringing up potential dates.

Talk about some famous or suitable destinations for you two, for instance. It should be simple to ask someone out on a second meeting if they appear interested.

Don’t Forget To Re-confirm

It may sound unnecessary, but re-confirming is extremely important. First, it will again determine if he’s interested in the time you spend together. Moreover, it is a reminder so that no one is missed.

You can kindly remind him of the appointment like “See you this weekend” or “Don’t forget our trekking trip”.

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Signs That You Should Ask For The Second Date 

What happened on the first date and when you return home will determine your story afterward and whether you should continue on the second one. If you are a little observant, you will easily become the one in control of the situation.

You can rely on some signs to decide to ask for the next coffee or trip. Does your first date have one of these? Keep going!

The Conversation Was Great

Certainly, that’s not a sign of a good first meeting when the conversation is difficult, and it’s just like pulling teeth to figure out what to talk about. 

But if your conversation was easy, and you never ran out of things to talk about, that is a good indication that you should ask for a second meeting.

When you date someone, you want to be able to have great conversations with them. So, try it again to see if you can continue the good banter.

You Kissed

how to ask a guy out for a second date by text

Whether or not you should kiss on the first meeting is a personal choice. Some believe it is premature, but others are completely happy with it, and the kiss is a huge green flag that you should ask for a second one.

Now, if the kiss consisted only of a peck on the face or lips, it is not the type of kiss we’re referring to. However, if it was a long, sincere, passionate kiss, that indicates that your date wants to see you again.

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You Laughed And Had Fun

There is a fact that some people are more serious than others, but whatever, it’s not good if you don’t “enjoy” with this person.

The great meeting should continue if you were grinning a lot, laughing, telling jokes, and just enjoying the time. It’s time to suggest going on another date.

You Ignored The Time

If your meeting did go on for a while, that usually signifies you lost track of time. Time always flies when you’re having fun. Therefore, it is a positive signal if you discover that you rarely checked your watch to see the time.

On the other hand, if you check the clock regularly and wonder why it hasn’t ended yet, it indicates that time seemed to be passing slowly when you two were talking. The second date sounds not suitable for you and him.

You Two Keep Chatting After The First Date

There should be some texts between the two of you after your first date. One will text another immediately to express gratitude and how much fun you had at the meeting.

Following that, the dialogue should continue. He probably isn’t that interested if they take a long time to respond or only say one or two words. Nevertheless, if the man responds to your text enthusiastically as soon as possible, he’s also interested in going on a second date.

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When Not To Ask Him 

You Two Don’t Have Any Common Ground 

how to ask a guy out for a second date by text

Spending time with someone you’re not really interested in is a waste. No one wants to sit with someone who has nothing in common with them, or the meeting goes by boring as a way to kill time.

Through the first meeting, you could grasp the interaction between the two. The second date is only ideal when two people have good chemistry on the first one, which will continue in this next one.

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There Are Not Any Positive Signs

Now, review the “Signs That You Should Ask For The Second Date” section above. Did something happen to you? Or at least, is there any vibe between the two of you?

We understand meeting the right man makes you have butterflies in your stomach. However, you need to remember that no matter how great he is, your efforts may be wasted if he doesn’t “green light” you.

The Connection After First Date Is Fuzzy

The first time you met went quite smoothly, but the ending of you two was not the same as the original? Does he respond to texts more slowly and doesn’t take your calls or even disappear?

They could be red flags that he doesn’t want to continue this relationship. No one will be so busy that they can’t answer you for a whole day. What you should do is wait and reconsider it carefully.

how to ask a guy out for a second date by text


What Should You Do On The Second Date?

If you don’t have any ideas to do next, our suggestion can be helpful. Refer to the ones below to choose the most suitable one:

  • Come to one’s house and cook together
  • Going to the theater is ideal for movie lovers
  • If he loves history or art, the museum will be a good place
  • Trekking is a great sport for everyone, and the time you spend together will also be longer
  • Go to the zoo to see and touch the animals
  • Do some handmade projects together like dying t-shirts or painting

Is It Weird For A Girl To Ask For A Second Date?

Of course not! Whether women or men, we can confidently ask for a date. This is a way to signal that you’re giving him a chance to go further together.

Being proactive sometimes gives you unexpected opportunities and results that exceed your expectations. However, it does not apply to all cases. Consider the do’s and don’ts we’ve mentioned above.

What Should I Prepare For On the Second Date?

You may need to prepare a bit if you’ve already turned on your next appointment. Don’t worry too much; the most important thing is still being yourself.

Based on the scheduled location, you can consider choosing the right outfit. For example, suitable sportswear is necessary if you will participate in physical activities such as climbing.

You can learn about what he likes to make the conversation more interesting. Or, some popular and interesting topics are also worth your attention.

We all love surprises, so a small gift can make him more impressed. It can be a small flower or a card made by yourself, which is meaningful.

Are There Any Examples To Ask Him For The Second Date?

Don’t you know how to speak honestly and naturally? All right, we’re here. This will require a bit of your flair and ingenuity. They don’t apply to all cases, of course. Therefore, you can check which matches your situation and his best.

  • Casual suggestion: When conversing about the day’s problems, you can pretend to exclaim involuntarily, “The weather is nice today; wanna go out for a walk?” 
  • Be direct right after the first time: “Today was great! Would you like to have a coffee this weekend?”
  • Something about his or your hobbies: “The art exhibition at the end of this month sounds great with many famous artists, would you like to try it out?”
  • Follow the flow: “I have never tried it before. Can you guide me on how to do it next time?” 

Final Thoughts 

A smooth and fun first date is a great foundation for the second time. The above do’s and don’ts are for reference only; rely on your intuition and feelings. You’ve all the keys for how to ask a guy out for a second date by text.

Keep in mind that under any circumstances, you should be yourself! Confidence, honesty, and dexterity will attract and make both of you feel more comfortable.

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