How long does Essie nail polish take to dry?

If you are wondering how long does Essie nail polish take to dry? It takes about 30 to 60 seconds to dry after one coat. Your nails should be ready for the next coat once you have painted all your nails with the first coat.

If you want to have the best results, two to three coats of colour are recommended by experts. 

On top of that, you should add the base and the topcoat, which are necessary steps if you want a chip-free, long-lasting manicure.

Essie has an impressive collection of nail polish shades but also the base coat and the topcoat.

If you don’t want to waste 10-15 minutes every 2-3 days painting your nails, you should switch to Essie’s gel polishes.

 How to dry Essie nail polish quickly?

If you want to dry your Essie nail polish quicker, you should try these nail hacks below:

  1. Buy a quick-dry topcoat; this topcoat will dry your nails in a few minutes
  2. Use a hairdryer, but don’t forget to put it at cold-air setting
  3. Use cooking oil; rubbing coconut or olive oil will speed up the drying process
  4.  Fewer coats; the oldest trick is to apply thin and fewer coats.
  5. Drying drops; made for quicker drying

Try out one of these tricks below if you want to dry your nails in minutes, or switch to more durable options like gel or dip nails.

Which Essie nail polish is the best?

Essie is a nail polish brand with many shades on the market, but there are some that are classics, and everyone has to have them.

The first is their top-seller ” Ballet Slippers“, a light pink shade that will look effortlessly good on everyone.

The second is ” Eternal Optimist”, a colour between nude and pink, made for the ladies who like to experiment.

The third colour that has taken all the flowers recently is ” Bikini”, a pastel shade that is one of a kind.

We also recommend trying out ” Mrs Always Right” if you are looking for a vibrant colour that will catch someone’s attention for sure.

Essie has a lot of interesting shades, so don’t forget to check them out before choosing your next nail colour; you will undoubtedly find the one that suits you.

Does Essie have chemicals?

Even though Essie is considered a high-quality brand, there are some things the brand needs to work on, like aluminium powder.

Essie is considered ” 3-free”, which means their nail polishes don’t have toluene, DPB, or formaldehyde.

Being ” 3-free” is a step in the right direction, but we would love for Essie to remove all toxic ingredients.

A plus for the Essie brand is that they are vegan and cruelty-free. Vegan means that they don’t have any animal products in their nail polishes, and cruelty-free means that they don’t test their products on animals.

Essie has found a way to test its products differently, and all beauty companies should follow their example.

Why do nails look white or dry after removing polish?

Your nails look white or/and dry after removing nail polish because they are dehydrated. 

Some nail polish brands dehydrate your nails more than others, and you should find a brand that doesn’t leave your nails looking dry and brittle.

You also need to hydrate your nails before and after polish, and of course, after removing nail polish with acetone. 

You can hydrate them with creams or oils, and don’t forget about your cuticles as well.

A base coat will also protect your nails from damage and keep the moisture at some average level, so don’t skip the first step in your nail routine.

Every week you should choose a day where your nails will be polish-free because nails need recovery too. Throughout the day, you should help them recover their moisture by applying olive oil or cuticle oil.

Conclusion: How long does Essie nail polish take to dry?

One coat takes 30 to 60 seconds to dry; therefore, for 2-3 coats, you will need about 10-15 minutes. 

Don’t forget to put the base coat and the topcoat on your nails if you want your manicure/pedicure to last.

The pros of the Essie brand is that it is cruelty-free, vegan, and has many beautiful shades like their well-known shade ” Ballet Slippers”.

However, Essie still has to work on being 100% toxic-free.

If your nails are dry and white after removing nail polish, you should give them a break and recover them with oils and creams.

Dry nails are not the end of the world; it just means you have been applying coat after coat for some time, and your nails are dehydrated now.

Still, you should recover your nails to look shiny and healthy, and nail polish will adhere better for sure.

We hope that this article has given you some tips about Essie nail polish.

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