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19 Mindful Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing (Or Doesn’t Know What She Wants)

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It’s like every month that we celebrate something, it may be the birthday of a special someone, the anniversary of somebody you know or maybe somebody very close to you is celebrating something, so if you’re looking for gifts for the woman who wants nothing, this post is right for you.

We all know that when we ask somebody or perhaps you have answered it yourself when someone asks you, ”what do you want for Christmas or what would you like to have on your birthday?”

Asking a person what she wants for a certain celebration might be misunderstood but on the other side, you will know what to buy as a gift.

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If you ask somebody what she wants as a gift, she might be hurt for it shows you don’t know her well especially if you have already established a relationship with her or it might simply ruin the surprise moment of unboxing the gift.

What should you never give as a gift?

Asking the recipient’s preferences has advantages too if you are not sure what to buy for her, it will not only save you money but it will save you from awkwardness when she unwraps the gift right before your eyes.

So what should you never give as a gift?

Something that’s related to her name – it might be funny but unfortunately not very creative when you buy something that reminds or relates her to her name or identity. For example, my name is Clyde and there’s a German word that is really a homonym to my name which is Kleid which also means a dress. 

Now if you give me a dress and add awkwardly that you run out of ideas what to buy so you think a dress suits me and my name. But I like dresses though and receiving them as a gift, just don’t relate it to my name, okay?

Another example is giving a bible to someone or anything Christian-related because his name is Christian. Of course, you can always gift someone with a bible, just don’t justify it using his name or worse, because he needs it to straighten his path. 

Pets – giving pets as a gift might be one of the sweetest acts of thoughtfulness out there but only if you have the right and perfect recipient of a pet. You shouldn’t give a cat or a dog to someone who has an allergy, whose work requires her to always travel or doesn’t have time at all to stay longer at home caring for a pet. 

Something as a regift – you want to save money or you don’t know what to buy for the woman who wants nothing and you think it doesn’t matter this time as long as you give her something so you’re giving her a gift which you don’t need, you rejected and you’re about to throw away. If you’ve been doing that, please stop it already. Just stop. 

What to get the woman who needs nothing?

Buying a gift for a woman who needs nothing is not only stressful but it is also challenging.

When you are being confronted in this type of situation, and even if you haven’t asked her what she likes to receive, you might have sensed that maybe she doesn’t need anything, or they don’t know the things that they would need.

So for that reason, I listed a couple of gift ideas you can use to draw inspiration on what to buy for that person who says she wants nothing.

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Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

  1. Bath Spa Gift Set

This gift set for women is perfect for all women who love lavender and who love to take self-care to a new level. From its packing alone, who wouldn’t love to have that kind of gift by the way?

2. Household Tool Kit Pink

Your girl wants to do everything on her own even repairing everything she thinks she can do at home, then make her smile with this tool kit as a thoughtful gift.

3. Succulent pots

If she says she wants nothing, I don’t think she could deny the fact that these succulent pots are indeed gorgeous. If she’s not into these, perhaps the message and oh, that cute little paw will make her smile.

4. Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks

She enjoys defeating you on online games. Then surprise her with this pair of socks that is understandably made for gaming lovers, be it your sister, best friend, wife or girlfriend.

5. Petite vintage-inspired watch

If your girlfriend or any woman you’re buying gifts to wants nothing for an occasion, then present her with this Guess watch that looks sleek and elegant. If she can’t wear it, she can collect it.

6. Neck Massage Pillow

Who wouldn’t like to receive this kind of gift? This is thoughtful and sweet. Exactly what working women need after working hard.

7. Aromatherapy Scented Candle

Do you know somebody who always loves to have a lit candle in her home? Then this floral scented candle is right for her. This candle gives off an aromatic and calming feeling.

8. Cheese Board Set

Well, she loves cheese and never hosts parties without cheese and a bottle of wine around then get her this elegant cheese board set that comes with knives, forks and a wine opener.

9. Jar of Smiles

Show her that you value your friendship and her well-being is important to you as well. This gift that consists of quotes she can read every day will definitely put a smile on her face already.

10. Office Plaque Sign Gift

Want to remind her how awesome she is? Then you can’t go wrong when you surprise her with this plague sign gift that she can hang where she used to stay, like in her workplace or home office.

11. Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket

She has a sweet tooth then why don’t you wow her with this set of cookies? I’m sure she would definitely love it just from looking at the tray and how these deli snacks are arranged.

12. Boss Lady mug

Show your appreciation to the woman in your life who works really hard. Buy this gorgeous Boss Lady mug for the boss in your life – be it your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend or wife.

13. Blanket sweatshirt

If you run out of ideas of gifts for the woman who wants nothing, then awe that woman in your life who admits she needs nothing on her birthday with this wearable blanket that she can use when she feels like lying all day or if she constantly feels cold.

14. That’s What She Said Game

Do you know a woman who loves to laugh? Then bring her more to bouts of laughter with this game gift she can play with her friends including you hopefully!

15. Infuser Water Bottle

You want to ensure that she’s always hydrated or maybe she is always on the road and you don’t want her to miss a glass of water a day. Then show her how you care for her health with this stylish water bottle that she can use to track her daily water intake.

16. Microgreens Growing Kit

This garden set gift is perfect for women who love to plant, grow their own food and are healthy eaters! It doesn’t matter if she claimed she didn’t need anything, she can never say no to this kind of gift if she’s into plants.

17. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

With this gift, you help any woman save her time by giving her this gadget for breakfast making. In just 5 minutes, she has her breakfast ready to be eaten already and it doesn’t even make a huge mess in the kitchen.

18. Brain Games – Word Searches

If she doesn’t know what she wants for her birthday or for her anniversary and either she likes playing with words or you want to give her an idea on how to spend her free time without using any gadget, then get her these brain games as a gift.

19. 24k Gold Rose

You want to give something fancy but you don’t want to give off some bad vibes of giving her jewelry? Then try this 24k Gold Rose, it is like a piece of jewelry that she can’t wear but she can always have this around her house.

Now did you find something to give to the woman in your life or to your female coworker? With these gift ideas, I don’t think she would even remember when she said or. thought she doesn’t need or want anything on a special occasion.

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