Does root touch up damage hair?

Can root touch up damage hair? If you apply it correctly, root touch up won’t damage your hair. However, if done incorrectly, root touch up can cause breakage.

Pro tip: Be careful not to over-apply root touch up.

Root Touch Up doesn’t have the same ingredients as permanent color, so it’s much gentler on your hair. Try different application techniques to see what works best for you.

Are there any side effects?

 Using root touch-up sprays too soon after permanent hair color can affect the results. Also, using too much root touch up can cause a buildup of color on top of your hair.

Root touch up is made specifically for your roots, while permanent color is formulated to cover your entire head of hair evenly from roots to ends. Keep reading if you want to learn more about root touch up and how it works.

How long does root touch up last?

 Root touch up may last for six weeks or grow out in a couple of weeks. When the root touch up begins to show and you want it to look nice again, you should plan to redo the root touch up or refresh your whole look.

 Go with the natural texture of your hair. That said, sometimes root touch up fades differently on different parts of your head. 

When you have to repeat, root touch up more often than you like, change what you are using. Easy spray-on hair color makes it simple to do roots at home and clean away mistakes in minutes. Your three options for root touch ups are powder, marker, and spray.

 Whether you need to redo root touch up depends on how quickly your roots grow out. You may want to plan to do a root touch up every two weeks or so.

Can I wash my hair after the root touch-up?

No, you shouldn’t wash your hair after the root touch-up. Instead, wait at least 24 hours. Then, use sulfate-free shampoo for at least the first week if you want to have the best results.

 Allowing the color to develop fully can take several days, so you will have to wait that long before washing your hair. The best way to enjoy a freshly colored mane is to allow the color time to settle in and fully develop.

However, if you want to know how to wash hair after root touch-up with minimal hassle, touch-up sprays are a good option. This is because they dry quicker and don’t penetrate the hair as deeply as permanent dyes. You can wash them out immediately after application.

If you want a simple answer as to how soon you can wash your hair after a root touch-up, the answer is 1-3 days.

What’s the difference between root touch up and hair color?

Root touch up is intended to fix a few inches of re-growth around your part. However, if you have roots all over your head, then you should use hair color. Root touch up is meant to fix small sections, like around your part. Hair color is used to cover all of your roots.

Root touch up is typically in a cream or gel consistency and may have a smaller brush than hair color. Hair color will come in a liquid form and with a different applicator brush.

Root touch up works best on dark hair or red hair. All other colors should use hair color since the root touch up may not match the shade of your hair. Most people can apply their own root touch up at home, but it’s best to see a professional for hair color.

You can save money by buying root touch up to apply at home but need an expert for full coverage hair color.

Our root touch-up recommendation is Loreal Paris Magic Root Touch Up.

How can I cover up my roots at home with a root touch up?

You can cover up your roots at home with a root touch up if you follow these steps below:

  • First, apply a product that wicks away moisture and oil and lightens the hair color by one shade.
  • Next, choose a shade of root touch up that matches your hair color as closely as possible. Finally, mix the hair color according to the instructions in the kit.
  • Apply it to the roots by dabbing a small amount onto the base of your hair.
  • Then distribute it through the rest of your hair using an old toothbrush.

You can cover up roots at home as long as you use a root touch up kit that matches your hair and is careful when applying it to your roots. Root touch up products come in many different forms. You should pick the one that best suits your color.

Pro tip: If you’ve previously colored your hair lighter, you must use a lighter root touch-up product than what you used for the color all over. Color is an art, but you can take steps to make sure you pick something that works for you.

Conclusion- Does root touch up damage hair?

 In short, no, you shouldn’t damage your hair with a root touch up. As long as you use a quality product, it’s highly unlikely you will damage your hair while applying root touch up to patch grey roots. Nonetheless, be sure to invest in the best root touch up products to reduce the risk of damage.

Apparently, traditional root touch up does not cause any damage to the hair, but the chemical processing might be harmful. 

However, fortunately, now there is a new option for root touch up, and it’s called Macadamia Oil Color Blend Root Touch Up. It leaves hair looking as natural and healthy as possible, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your tresses.

We hope this blog post sheds some light on the popular root touch ups and that you now know more about them. If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to write them down below.

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