Can you Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside?

Are you wondering if you could utilize your indoor tanning lotion outdoors? In this article, we will explain answer to this query!

Can we use indoor tanning lotion outside

It’s not something strange to see people dying to get themselves a tanned look. They either get their hand on indoor tanning lotions or prefer to get an outside natural tan. 

But the question that more and more people are asking nowadays is: Can you use indoor tanning lotion outside? Let’s find out a logical answer to that with justification.

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Indoor tanning lotions have an element in it, which is called Bronzer. It is sort of ointment which gives your skin a tanned look. The more the bronzer in your lotion, the darker tone you can achieve.

Indoor tanning lotions are also packed with certain ointments, enhancer and essential oils, which help the production of melanin. The melanocytes are activated which in turn signal the increased melanin production. This in-turn enhances the subtle tanned look.

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Can You Wield the Indoor Tanning Lotion When Basking Outside?

The indoor and outdoor tanning lotions possess different ingredients. One may have a higher strand of bronzer in it. The nature of the ingredients is classified according to the environment one is exposed to.

Indoor tanning is carried out in a controlled environment, where Ultra Violet rays are directed on the tanning bed. On the other hand, the outdoor tanning is done under the complete exposure of the natural UVA and UVB rays.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Most of the indoor tanning lotions are devoid of this factor because the inner tanned environment doesn’t require necessarily the protection against the sunburn. Outdoor tanning lotions are inculcated with this bonus point.

If you are looking forward to use any indoor tanning lotion outside then you must have an insight into the SPF factor mentioned on the label. How much percentage of sunscreen it possesses? If the ratio of SPF is higher, it will act as a better sunburn repellent.

Indoor tanning lotions also have another contrasting element with respect to outdoor tanning lotions. The former possesses the quality of enhancing the UV rays instead of blocking them. This is done in order to provide maximum tanned look, while the outdoor tanning lotions with a certain ratio of SPF bounce back the UVA and UVB rays.

If you are hinting to use the indoor tanning lotions outside then give an ear to the Alarm Bells. Indoor tanning lotions, if used outside, may increase the risk of developing skin cancer because of it’s amplifying UV rays capacity.

Mixing Tanning Lotions can Somewhat Serve the Purpose!

You can mix up suitable proportions of both the lotions in order to get an ample tanned look. Whether you opt for mixing the lotions or not, you need to keep your skin moisturized.

Both indoor and outdoor tanning comes with a package of providing excessive dryness to the skin. You have to keep a check on your skin and provide adequate moisture when the circumstances demand so. Thus, look for the tanning lotions that are filled with moisturizer nutrients. This may help your skin in the long run as it will reduce premature aging and wrinkles.

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Final Note

Always look for reliable tanning lotion that is jam-packed with essential oils, nutrients and minerals. Avoid using such lotions that have a high percentage of chemicals and parabens. This will make your skin dry, cracked and scaly thus, leading to detrimental impacts on your beloved skin.

Put only certified tanning lotions into the cart!

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