Best Pink Undertone Foundation: Top 5 Reviewed

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we have experienced the urge to try different kinds of lipsticks or foundations. Who isn’t attracted to a pretty display of beautiful colors?

best pink undertone foundation
best pink undertone foundation

But after you try it on, you may be surprised, or disappointed, to realize that not every shade of foundation suits your skin.

Undertone refers to the color under your skin which affects your overall hue. There are three types of undertone – warm, cool and neutral. 

In this article, we are going to discuss best pink undertone foundation suitable foundations for cool skin undertones.

We have narrowed down some of the best options:

  • Belloccio Professional Beige: Light/Medium Pink Undertone Foundation
  • Dermablend: Hint of Pink Liquid Undertone Foundation 
  • NYX Professional Makeup: Light Pink Undertone Foundation
  • Laura Geller New York: Porcelain Powder Foundation
  • Wet n Wild: Rose Ivory Matte Liquid Foundation

Best Airbrush Pink Undertone Foundation

Belloccio Professional Beige – Light/Medium Pink Undertone Foundation

Belloccio Professional Beige Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for professional quality, where you have to apply the foundation using tools like an airbrush machine, this is a great choice.

Belloccio Airbrush Foundation creates a fine mist and sits evenly on the surface of your skin without clogging or caking your pores, creating a flawless and balanced glowing complexion. 

The use of makeup tools for applying this foundation makes it a hygienic choice since it never touches hands, brushes, or sponges, avoiding the risk of contamination.

  • Creates a professional and balanced glowing complexion
  • A hygienic application that minimizes contamination
  • Can not be used without an airbrush machine

It is a suitable choice for makeup artists who wish to apply the foundation with the help of professional makeup tools. 

Overall Best Pink Undertone Foundation

Dermablend – Hint of Pink Liquid Undertone Foundation

Dermablend Check Price on Amazon

Makeup from a brand that develops high-performance products with dermatologist-approved standards is typically a safe choice for all skin types, tones, and conditions.

Dermablend develops products that are dermatologist tested, keeping your skin health in mind. People with sensitive skin are often inclined to use products that are recommended by dermatologists, however, people with oily skin can also benefit from using this kind of foundation.

Dermablend has a wide range of foundation shades for every kind of skin undertone. If you have fair skin, you can go with 0N, 10N, 15C, or 20W. People with darker skin may choose anything between 45W to 90N. 

Foundation 40N is best suited for people with light to medium skin with neutral undertones and the appearance of pink.

  • Dermatologists approved
  • Wide range of foundations for every skin type
  • Expensive

It is a dermatologist-approved, flawless, and high-quality foundation for people with pink skin tones.

Best Budget Friendly Pink Undertone Foundation

NYX Professional Makeup – Light Pink Undertone Foundation

NYX Professional Makeup Check Price on Amazon

A common misconception about makeup is that only the expensive ones work. That is not always true. Some affordable items like the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation are high quality and available at an accessible price.

This foundation has a wide range of shades. For those with pale skin and pink tones, it is recommended that you use a lighter foundation. You can increase the intensity of shade by adding more drops to better suit your skin.

The NYX foundation provides a high-quality satin finish that does not sink into the pores, however, this experience may vary for people with different skin conditions.

  • An affordable price point
  • High-quality satin finish
  • Some people may find that it dries out their skin

If you are looking for something that provides good quality at an affordable price, this is the perfect match.

Best Powder Pink Undertone Foundation

Laura Geller New York – Porcelain Powder Foundation

Laura Geller New York Check Price on Amazon

An age-old formula of using powder to balance your skin has improved over years. 

Laura Geller, a woman who had a knack for beauty products from early on, set out to create her own product line to provide an exquisite makeup experience, now named Laura Geller New York.

Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Powder Foundation is a great product to balance your skin tone available in a wide range of shades, each for different types of undertones. Porcelain powder foundation is a perfect shade for cool skin tones with a hint of pink.

This foundation is handmade in Italy, comprising pressed powders to help you create a demi-matte and natural finish.

  • Lightweight powder formula
  • An excessive amount may show caking
  • The powder can harden over time

If you prefer powder formulas over liquid foundations, this is a good choice.

Best Matte Pink Undertone Foundation

Wet n Wild – Rose Ivory Matte Liquid Foundation

Wet n Wild Check Price on Amazon

Wet n Wild matte liquid foundation is a thin liquid that glides well on your skin and blends effectively creating a beautiful and balanced shade. Out of the wide range of shades available, the Rose Ivory shade is recommended for people with a pink undertone. 

Rose Ivory is a well-pigmented shade that can provide you with medium to full coverage.  You can also maneuver around to achieve the shade of your preference, and the matte finish of this foundation can help cover up oily skin. 

It comes in a compact, travel-friendly glass bottle with a black cap. It’s easy to keep in your handbag and carry around for on-the-go touch ups.  

Wet n Wild tested their foundations under seven different lighting conditions, which makes it a suitable choice for camera-ready makeup.

  • Matte finish
  • Compact bottle
  • Easy-to-apply liquid texture
  • It can start to wear off after a few hours

If you are looking for a shade of liquid foundation that makes you look pretty on camera with a matte finish, try this Wet n Wild option. 

What are Skin Undertones?

Skin undertones are a color that exists under the surface of your skin that affect the overall hue of your skin tone. 

The terms “skin tones” and “skin undertones” are often used interchangeably, but they are different things. 

Skin tone is the overall complexion of your skin that appears at first glance – the pale, dark, medium, olive, or other skin complexion.

Skin undertone, on the other hand, is the term that refers to the shade of hue appearing from the under surface of your skin. 

Importance of Skin Undertones

Skin undertones play an important role in the makeup industry – you should not just go and buy any shade of foundation for your skin because not every foundation will suit you. 

Foundations that do not match your skin’s undertone may create an uneven complexion and the color of your neck and face won’t match. To select the right foundation for yourself, you need to determine your skin’s undertone.

You can check out this video for more information on how to find your skin undertone.

Types of Skin Undertones

There are three main types of skin undertones: 

  • Warm 
  • Cool 
  • Neutral 

A warm undertone gives off a mix of peach, yellow and golden tones. In some cases, people with warm undertones have sallow skin. This is a skin condition where the skin loses its natural complexion due to dryness or aging. 

A neutral undertone is where the color of your skin and undertone is the same. 

A cool undertone portrays blue and pinkish hues under your skin.

There may be some cases where you feel that the complexion of your skin is changing even without the exposure to the sun. If you are one of those people, you should read this detailed guide describing causes and solutions.

Considering all these skin undertones, it is important that you are aware of yours, otherwise it gets difficult to choose the right shade of foundation for your skin, and it won’t blend with the natural hues of your skin.

Best Pink Undertone Foundation

Each skin undertone has its own suitable shade of foundation – you can’t just apply any foundation to any kind of skin. 

In the case of cool skin undertones, which have a blue and pinkish hue, you likely need an undertone foundation that has a shade of pink. The suitable color options of foundations for pink skin undertone are as follows:

  • Rose ivory
  • Porcelain
  • Light pink
  • Medium pink
  • Any other shades of pink that suit your skin

To choose the best pink undertone foundation, you should try and figure out which suits you the best. Apart from colors, there are different types of foundations as well – powder, liquid, and airbrush foundation.

Choosing the right foundation type depends entirely on the preference of the buyer. Professional make-up artists tend to lean more toward airbrush foundations, while others may prefer powder or liquid forms, which are easier to apply.

If you have large pores on your skin, you should check out our list of the five best foundations for large pores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Belloccio Foundation?

This foundation is meant to be used with the help of makeup tools like an airbrush machine. You will have to put several drops into the cup of your airbrush and point the airbrush toward the area where the foundation is to be applied and pull the trigger.

This will create a fine mist of foundation, move the airbrush in a circular motion to balance the foundation on your face. 

In your quest for the best pink undertone foundation, we recommend Belloccio’s Beige: Light/Medium Pink Undertone foundation. 

Are these foundations cruelty-free?

All the above-mentioned foundations are cruelty-free and do not support testing their items on animals. These are certified cruelty free by PETA.

What kind of foundation is better? Powder, airbrush, or liquid?

The type of foundation that you use depends entirely on your preference. Before picking one, you may want to learn a little more about all three.

Airbrush foundations are to be used with the help of professional makeup tools like airbrushes. 

Powder and liquid foundations can be easily applied with a brush or sponge. You can use a brush to spread the powder foundation on your skin and balance it evenly. For liquid foundation,  a sponge comes in handy.

Best Brands 


Belloccio is a producer of professional makeup products with a wide range of collections ranging from sunless tanning to airbrush systems for makeup. 


Dermablend is the result of a partnership between an American physician and his makeup-artist wife. This brand provides makeup products that have dermatologist-recommended standards. They have a wide range of beauty items for all skin types, tones, and conditions.

NYX Professional Makeup

Emerging from Los Angeles, NYX Professional Makeup was created by a community of professional makeup artists. 

This brand provides high-quality and professional standard makeup keeping up with all the latest trends. They have an affordable price bracket to make it accessible for everyone. 

With strong support for the LGBTQ+ community, they have now also partnered up with the Los Angeles LGBT center.

Laura Geller New York

A makeup enthusiast who had a knack for Broadway, Laura Geller was born and raised in New York. She worked as a backstage makeup artist at a theater, and as her expertise in the field of makeup grew, she eventually opened her own makeup studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Laura Geller New York initially launched a highlight and contour kit. After a few years, she gained popularity through her award-winning Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer, which is still a fan favorite.

Wet n Wild 

Wet n Wild is ranked as one of the top value brands in America which promote cruelty-free items creating a safe space for the animals. They have a collection for every kind of item used in the makeup industry.

Emerging from Brooklyn, New York, in 1979, Wet n Wild was later purchased by Markwins and relocated to Los Angeles in 2003.

Ending Note

After reading this guide, we hope that the next time you set out to buy a foundation for yourself you can easily select one according to your skin’s undertone.

If you have a cool skin undertone that shows a hue of blue or pinkish color, you should buy a pink skin undertone foundation. If we had to narrow down our options for the best pink undertone foundation we’d go with Dermablend: Hint of Pink Liquid Undertone Foundation.

If you are looking for something that can provide you with great quality and flawless shade along with keeping your wallet happy, NYX Professional MakeupL Light Pink Undertone Foundation is your best option. 

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