Best Nail Strengtheners for Weak Nails – 5 Reviews & Buyers Guide

If trying to get the desired length of your nails feel impossible, then a good news for you! Nail strengthening polishes act as savior for your weak nails.

Best Nail Strengtheners for Weak Nails

There is no single factor rather multiplicity of things that contributes in weakening of your nails.

Sometimes, it’s the harsh winter that makes your nails brittle. Other times, it is your practice of peeling off nail polish that makes your nails super weak.

Besides this, over-exposure to water and your nail-biting habits can contribute to your brittle nails.

Less intake of water triggers your nails to dry up and weaken. Lack of Vitamin C also exerts its influence in the domain of brittle nails.

So, it’s a lot of factors that muster up and make a huge impact on the appearance of your nails.

But Hold on…. You don’t need to panic after if you have faced weaking of your nails due to the mentioned factors.

A good news for you all… Nail strengthening polishes act as savior for your weak nails.

Want to know about the wonders of nail polish strengtheners and some of the best-picks in 2021? Just dive into this article!

Best Nail Strengthener for Weak or Peeling Nails in 2021

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If long, healthy nails are on your bucket list, you don’t need to miss any chance of getting your hands on nail strengtheners.

Get an idea from the below-mentioned best nail strengtheners for weak or peeling nails as these are recommended options by experts for their clients.

Now let’s have a look at the top-picks!

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener Check Price on Amazon

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hardener is a unique formula that toughens up your fragile nails. It is jampacked with a blend of film-formers like nitrocellulose, that instills a hard texture to your nails, preventing it from any external abrasion.

Being formulated with Nylon, Omega-3 and Retinol, it perfectly fortifies your brittle nails. It also works against splitting, and chipping, leading to a hardened film on the nails.

It comes in a colorless liquid for packaged in a fine translucent bottle.

You can grab any of the two variants of this amazing nail strengthener.

  • Contains film-formers
  • Prevents nails against abrasion
  • Prevents nails against chipping
  • Fine packaging
  • Available in 2 variants
  • Particularly none

Orly Nail Defense Strengthening Treatment

Orly Nail Defense Strengthening Treatment Check Price on Amazon

Here comes an enriched formula of proteins that helps in strengthening fragile nails that are usually susceptible to peel off easily.

It helps in forming a bond between the nail layers thus, preventing them against breakage.

Consumers have witnessed the long-lasting effects of this nail strengthener because of its phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free and toluene-free features. It comes in an 18ml volume that is suitable for many applications.

You can apply as a base coat to get amazing results.

Give a try to this amazing nail strengthener!

  • Proteins-enriched formula
  • Bond between nail layers
  • Long-lasting effects
  • 18ml volume
  • None

Essie Nail Care All-in-One Nail Polish Base Coat and Top Coat

Essie Nail Care All-in-One Nail Polish Base Coat and Top Coat Check Price on Amazon

This all-in-one polish can be used for dual purposes like base coat and top coat. It also works as an effective nail strengthener, leaving a shiny finish on your nails.

This Essie Nail Polish is filled with argan oil that works wonders for color adhesion. It prevents peeling of the nails.

It is available in 13.5ml volume, having a formula that is phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde-free. Its strong formula helps in yielding long-lasting manicure effects.

Although taking couple of weeks to show maximum results, Essie Nail Care All-in-One Nail Polish is a favorite nail strengthener for beauty junkies.

  • Acts as base and top coat
  • Color adhesion
  • Prevents splitting and peeling of nails
  • DBP and formaldehyde-free
  • Curtails yellowing of nails
  • Little bit pricey product

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler Check Price on Amazon

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler is a perfect ridge filler for weak nails. It comes in a shimmering pink base coat that nourishes your dry nails. It contains film-formers like polymers to prevent nails against any damage and discoloration.

Keratin protein-peptide technology in this ridge filler enhances the texture of your nail ridges and reduces any sort of yellow stains.

Most importantly, it helps in restoring the strength of your nails against splitting and peeling.

Get your hands on this product to replenish nourishment to your dry nails.

  • Conceals discoloration
  • Nourishes dehydrated nails
  • Strengthens fragile nails
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Imparts ample hydration
  • Bad packaging

ELLA + MILA Nail Strengthener

ELLA + MILA Nail Strengthener Check Price on Amazon

ELLA + MILA Nail Strengthener contains a premium formula that lasts longer than other nail strengtheners.

This product is packed with Vitamin E that imparts nourishment into your nails, strengthening their texture. It also labels to be a fine growth formula.

It is a vegan formula that is formulated without any harmful compounds like toluene, DBP, camphor and formaldehyde etc. This feature helps in preventing your nails from external damage without causing any considerable harm.

A like-able feature of this product is its sweet fruity fragrance. It is a cruelty-free product, certified by PETA.

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Fruity fragrance
  • Prevents nails against external damage
  • Growth formula
  • Certified by PETA
  • Prone to chipping easily

Wonders of Nail Strengtheners

The key to healthier-looking nails is to make them stronger by using nail strengtheners. It helps in repairing the damage of your nails, thus, protecting them against premature breakage.

The strengthener works as a protective film that imparts essential nutrients and vitamins to induce the nail growth.

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Jam-packed with proteins and essential oils, Strengtheners help in nourishing your nails, leaving a subtle glow on them. It fortifies brittle nails by inculcating rich protein, keratin.

Besides this, biotin helps in repairing cracked and peeled off nails.

Such wondrous benefits of nail strengtheners tempt us to try them out and stand in awe for the satisfactory results (After-all, we want our nails to grow out strongly).

Nail Strengtheners for Weak Nails – Buyers Guide

You need to consider certain factors before making the purchase.

Although, nail strengtheners are jampacked with essential ingredients, yet you have to make thorough attempts to consider all the determining factors.

Let’s have a look at some of the factors!

Chemicals-free Formula

Some nail strengtheners contain phthalates, formaldehyde and toluene. These ingredients function in prolonging the shelf life of nail strengthener.

It’s better to avoid using nail strengtheners containing such ingredients because of their alarming property of causing mild allergic reactions.

Natural Ingredients

You need to get a nail strengthener that is filled with a natural formula for ensuring the safety consumers.

Nail strengtheners containing keratin, calcium and oils have the potency of enhancing the natural growth of nails. So, pay heed to a natural formula.

Volume of the Product

Different nail strengtheners come in different volumes. Smaller volumes like 4 ml end up soon and don’t have long-lasting capacity.

While other formulas contain up to 13 ml that can be used for longer time. Consider the volume of nail strengthener while buying it.

Besides this, you need to check for duration of use, price and application of nail strengthener while buying it.

Final Verdict

Taking care of the nails require a perfect nail strengthener for its rescue. Nail strengtheners are formulated with natural ingredients, which make them perfectly safe for usage.

Get an idea from the above-mentioned best nail strengtheners and use them weekly to get desired results.

A great use by everyone, nails strengtheners are indeed a perfect selection to try out without any second thought.

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