A Complete Guide to the Best Micellar Water for Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are quite the confidence booster, but they can be a bit difficult to maintain. Lucky for us, the best way to take care of them is to just keep them clean, and for that, micellar water is everyone’s favourite. 

Best Micellar Water for Lash Extensions

In this guide, we explain the reason behind it, how-to instructions, alternatives, aftercare tips, and reviews on 5 of the best micellar water for lash extensions.

Can Micellar Water be Used to Clean Lash Extensions?

Yes, micellar water can be used to clean lash extensions. In fact, it is one of the safest ingredients to do so.

Micellar water is made up of mild cleaning agents suspended in distilled or purified water. These agents are called ‘micelles’ and these carry away the dirt, grime, sweat and makeup off the face.

Micellar water is available in two types, one is oil-based and the other is oil-free. With lash extensions, you must make sure to choose an oil-free micellar water as oils can dissolve lash glue and cause the extensions to fall out.

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The Best Way to Clean Lash Extensions With Micellar Water

Whether you’re removing eye makeup after a long day, or washing your face after a workout, it’s crucial to gently clean the lash extensions with an oil-free micellar water. Here’s how to do it:

  • Gently wipe off makeup from the face using a cotton pad soaked in the micellar water, making sure to avoid the eyes and lash extensions.
  • Take a clean, soft bristled brush and dip it into the oil-free micellar water, let the excess drip off.
  • Then, with the brush, lightly dab the micellar water onto the lash extensions – above and below.
  • At this point, it is important to maintain a steady but ginger grip, as harsh rubs and snags can result in the lash extensions falling out and the natural lashes twisting off.
  • Lastly, take a clean mascara wand and detangle the lashes by gently combing them upwards in a curling motion.
  • This should distribute the micellar water evenly and take off any residual grime and makeup attached to the lashes. 

There’s no need to wash it off, but if you want to dry it quickly, set a blow dryer on the cool setting and power it on for three to five seconds. Make sure to place it a half-arm’s length away from the lashes.

Are Lash Cleansers Better than Using Micellar Water to Clean Lash Extensions?

Generally, lash cleansers and micellar water work on the same principle. The difference boils down to their target area – micellar water can be used all over the face while lash cleansers are made specifically for lashes.

This means that lash cleansers are a good alternative to oil-free micellar waters, and work great for people that are allergic to mild surfactants (micelles) or whose skin is too sensitive to handle it. 

One of the best and the easiest lash cleansers is actually baby shampoo. It’s mild and commonly available.

Tips to Maintain the Health of Your Lashes

Besides cleaning them, there are a number of ways to maintain the health of the lash extensions. These tips will help you enhance the longevity and even improve the growth of the natural lashes. 

Here is a brief rundown of all the factors to keep in mind when getting lash extensions done or cleaned.

Use the Right Products

One of the most common reasons why lash extensions tend to fall out immaturely is that they aren’t cared for the right way. Everyone’s skin is different, and knowing what products are suited most for your skin type is key to maintaining the health of your lashes.

If oil-free micellar water stings your eyes or dries out the skin, try mild lash cleansers like baby shampoo and see if that works. Lash extensions rarely hold well on oily skin, but using cleansing products that control the oil can help prolong the life of the lash extensions. Proper care is crucial.

Avoid Mascara

Lash extensions are built to replicate the look of mascara-filled lashes, so there’s no need to curl them with actual mascara. This allows the lash glue to breathe and maintain its strength for longer.

Some ingredients, especially oils, in liquid eyeliners and mascara, can dissolve the adhesive that bonds the lash extensions to the natural lashes, which causes them to fall out prematurely.

Similarly, waterproof makeup is removed well using an oil-based cleanser, so it must be avoided at all costs while wearing lash extensions. Not to mention, it’d require gentle scrubbing, which would weaken the lash glue and extensions.

Do Not Rub the Eyes

We’ve all heard our elders reprimand us for rubbing our eyes – that goes for lash extensions too. Rubbing your eyes can loosen the lash adhesive, break off the extensions and the natural lashes, so it is best to lightly flick away the itch instead of scrubbing too hard.

Also, in a similar vein, it is recommended to avoid touching your face and eyes with bare fingers. This will transfer dead skin cells, dirt, sweat, and oily grime to the lashes which weakens the lash glue and risks inflammation of the eyes. This would also clog the pores around the eyes.

Sleep on Your Back

Not necessarily an important part of lash maintenance, but sleeping posture can be one reason why the lash glue won’t hold up past a week. Such postures include sleeping on your face, placing your arm over your eyes or putting a heavy pillow under yourself.

The more pressure there is on the lash extensions, the more risk there is of early breakage. They can easily pull out and bring the natural lashes with them. So, sleep well, but make sure your posture is easy on the eyes. 

Also, make sure the bedspread is clean.

5 of the Best Micellar Water for Lash Extensions

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water for Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water for Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin Check Price on Amazon

A staple in every makeup kit, the Bioderma Hydrabio H2O is one of the best micellar water for lash extensions. It is mild, gentle on the eyes, and does not even need water to rinse it off. 

It works well on sensitive skin which is why it’s perfectly suited for the thin skin around the eyes and cleans the grime in one swipe of a cotton pad. 

The Hydrabio micellar water is formulated with Aquagenium, which keeps the skin moisturised, and complements the adhesive that bonds the extensions together.


  • Cleanses the skin
  • Removes makeup
  • Formulated with Aquagenium
  • Made for dehydrated skin
  • Compatible with sensitive skin
  • No rinse needed
  • Lightly fragrant, does not have an overpowering scent
  • Does not strip the skin off its natural oils
  • Pricier than most micellar waters

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micellar Water for Oily and Sensitive Skin

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micellar Water Check Price on Amazon

A must-have for people with oily skin, the La Roche-Posay Effaclar micellar water is formulated with glycerin humectant, which improves the hydration of the skin and eliminates any irritation around sensitive areas, like the eyes.

Lash extensions do not hold well on oily skin. With products like La Roche Posay, made with thermal spring water for cooling, and mild surfactants like glycerin, the extensions will last longer and keep clean easily. It is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.


  • Soap free
  • Paraben free
  • Alcohol free
  • Oil free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Made of glycerin humectant
  • Thermal spring water added
  • Best for oily skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Works as a makeup remover, cleanser and a toner
  • Eliminates redness and blotchiness of the skin
  • The scent may not be favourable to everyone

L’Oreal Paris Waterproof Micellar Cleansing Water 

L'Oreal Paris Waterproof Micellar Cleansing Water  Check Price on Amazon

An all-in-one formula, the L’Oreal Paris micellar water has long been a holy grail for many people around the world. Its mild ingredients remove full-glam makeup well, work great around the eyes and do not stick to the lash extensions.

It’s alcohol and oil free, meaning it does not irritate oily skin and adds healthy hydration to all skin types. Also, it’s incredibly cost effective, lasts for over 3 months, and is recommended to adults by dermatologists all around the world.

The L’Oreal Paris waterproof micellar water is a great pick for beginners.


  • Oil free
  • Alcohol free
  • Minimises pores
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Does not need a lot of swipes to remove makeup
  • The formula is non-greasy and has little to no scent 
  • The layers tend to separate, shake before use

To Do List Premium Korean Skin Micellar Water

To Do List Premium Korean Skin Micellar Water Check Price on Amazon

A great choice for people with acne-prone skin, the To Do List Korean micellar water is formulated with Calendula, Lemongrass, and Mugwort – which is why it basically smells like a herb garden in a bottle. 

It is great for sensitive skin – the mild ingredients soothe irritations, control the oils, and stimulate collagen. The formula removes oily grime and stubborn makeup from lash extensions in one swipe.

The leading Korean micellar water is great for fading harsh pigmentation, acne scars, and tan streaks. It is also pocket-friendly and lasts a long time.


  • Mineral oil free
  • Paraben free
  • Alcohol free
  • Sulphates free
  • Fragrance free
  • Infused with three soothing herbs
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Does not irritate eczema on the face
  • Improves complexion, good for fading pigmentation
  • May sting eyes

Epielle Korean Micellar Water for All Skin Types

Epielle Korean Micellar Water for All Skin Types Check Price on Amazon

A unique choice for deep cleaning the face off any makeup, the Epielle micellar water is formulated with mild surfactants – which effectively remove stubborn, waterproof makeup in one swipe of a cotton pad and do not leave an oily residue on the face.

It suits sensitive skin so it’s perfect for cleaning lash extensions and wiping off sweat and grime from the face. The best part is, Korean Epielle micellar water isn’t abrasive or pore-clogging, so it is suitable for all skin types, even for teenagers’ young skin and seniors’ aged skin.


  • Cruelty free 
  • Alcohol free
  • Non-comedogenic 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • The pump top is a great dispenser and does not dry out
  • Does not clog pores or cause unusual redness on the face
  • May not last longer than two months

Frequently Asked Questions

Does micellar water make eyelashes fall out?

No, micellar water is safe to use on your eyelashes and it doesn’t induce abnormal shedding. 

Just make sure to use an oil-free micellar water, as it cleans makeup easily and doesn’t remove the adhesive of lash extensions. As long as you don’t scrub hard, the lashes will remain intact.

Does micellar water remove lash glue?

Yes, if you’re using an oil-based micellar water then it will remove lash glue and the extensions will fall out. However, if you gently remove makeup and clean the extensions using an oil-free micellar water, they will last as long as two weeks.

How often should you wash lash extensions?

Generally, lash extensions should be washed two to three times a week using an oil-free micellar water, and after every session at the pool or the gym. 

This is just to ensure all harmful particles attached to the adhesive and hair are washed out. However, they should be kept dry for 48 hours after the application.

Is it normal for lash extensions to fall out after two days?

No, it isn’t normal to lose even half of the lash extensions within a week, let alone two days. Make sure you’re using an oil-free micellar water or cleansing solution, as oils can break down the adhesive and cause immature breakage. 

Also, don’t scrub too hard as it could remove the extensions and your natural lashes.

Final Thoughts

Lash extensions are fancy and flexible, but they aren’t forgiving. Make sure to keep your hands off your eyes, use oil-free products, and invest in any one of the best micellar water for lash extensions, in order to enjoy them to their full benefit.

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