Best Korean BB Creams – Suitable for Oily, Dry and Acne-Prone Skins

Want to grab the info regarding Korean BB creams? If yes! here comes your helping hand.

The nature, application and benefits of BB cream are all mentioned here.

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Best Korean BB Cream

What is BB Cream?

BB cream stands for the ‘blemish balm’ cream. It serves to be a good amalgamation of moisturizer, SPF foundation, concealer and primer etc. This fine product was originally produced in Germany as all-in-one ingredients cream.

It was designed to be used by patients who had undergone laser treatment for a complete coverage and protection. Later, its wonders reached South Asia and Korea where the lengthy process of makeup was reduced to a smaller process with the use of this dumbfounding cream.

Ultimately, it became a trendy product in United States and is still exerting its amazing beauty influence.

Why you Should Use Korean BB Creams?

Korean dermatologists are well-known for their fine work and expertise. The makeup products of Korea are considered to maintain a surprising balance between skincare and makeup, thus providing you plethora of benefits.

From providing effective sun protection, moisturizing features and makeup base to brightening your skin-Korean BB creams are your best chums for the daily wear.

So, if you are thinking to grab any BB cream-the best option is to hunt for the Korean ones!

Benefits of BB Creams

BB creams are literally your life saver in the grinding days of work and routine. They offer exciting benefits, some of them are as follows:

  • BB creams consist of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, A and E that are super beneficial for enhancing the skin elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic acid is also an ingredient of BB creams that helps in moisturizing the skin.
  • SPF in BB creams help in protection against the sun and premature skin-aging.
  • It provides fine coverage to the skin, acting as a foundation for makeup.
  • It consists of light-reflecting properties that make the skin look brighter.

The list is never-ending but let’s contend on these amazing benefits!

And since not everyone cannot afford microcurrent device, BB creams especially Korean ones is the best option.

Best Korean BB Creams for Oily Skins

Not every beauty product works well for every skin type. The nature of skin type determines the nature of the beauty product. If you are having an oily skin, you should get your hands on the Korean BB cream designed for the oily skin.

Let’s dive into the list!

Skin 79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm

Super Plus Beblesh Balm is the perfect BB cream for people having oily skin. Not only it controls the production of sebum but also gives a fresh and matte look to the skin.

It lasts for a longer period of time almost up to 10-12 hours. It helps in reducing the hyperpigmentation and anti-aging effects on the skin. it acts as a fine sunblock with SPF 30 and lessens the skin dullness.

Antioxidants are present in this beauty balm that helps in the rejuvenation of skin, restoring its natural balance. It provides medium coverage to the skin, maintaining its natural glow. There is no need of using a primer before applying this BB cream because it has the ability of concealing the pores effectively.

This BB cream bottle comes in a nice packaging along with a pump. The Pump helps you to take out the right proportion of cream from the bottle.

Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream

The Purlisse Perfect Glow BB cream gives a fine finish to your skin without leaving it too greasy. The skin looks super healthy and hydrated. It is jampacked with antioxidants like Artemisia and Chamomile that prevent the signs of premature aging on your skin. It is a vegan BB cream that is cruelty-free, oil free and non-comedogenic.

The sugar maple in this BB cream gets penetrated into your skin, thus providing it ample moisture. It provides medium coverage, thus helping in covering the blemishes perfectly. You can use a concealer on the top of this BB cream for extra coverage.

This cream comes in a fine packaging that is both super chic and environment friendly. Get your hands on this amazing BB cream.

G Gowoonsesang Perfect Pore BB Cream Korea

Dr. G Gowoonsesang Perfect Pore BB Cream proves to be a fine formula for controlling the excess oil and sebum production. It helps in hiding the blemishes, acne scars and redness on your skin by providing a medium to high coverage. The enlarged pores on your skin can also be minimized by the usage of this BB cream.

This cream contains a formula of lime tree water and cabbage extracts that remove the dirt from your skin, making it look super healthy and fresh. Besides this, rosehip oil and lemon balm extracts are also present in this BB cream that provide ample moisture to your skin.

Besides nourishing ingredients, it can be blended with your skin super easily. Give a try to this BB cream and you would be surprised by its amazing results.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

Here comes a light-weight formula that provides a medium coverage to your oily skin. It tightens your skin, thus preventing signs of premature aging. It consists of a hydrating formula that has fine moisturizing properties. It provides protection against the sun damage.

It also protects your skin against tanning, thus, brightening your complexion to the fullest. Being jampacked with SPF, moisturizing and skin-brightening properties, this BB cream is one of the best options for your oily skin. It is available in three different shades.

So, grab this amazing BB cream and be happy on your money well-spent!

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream is filled with rich ingredients like mint water and marine jelly complex. This formula makes your skin look soft, fresh and super smooth. Being jelly-water like formula in texture, this BB cream blends easily with the skin.

The fine texture of this BB cream provides hydration to your skin, keeping it moisturized all the time, without inducing the clogging of pores.

This Korean formula gives you’re a dewy makeup look. It is one of the best non-drying formula that freshens the texture of your skin. You would never regret buying this product because of its stupefying feature.

Best Korean BB Creams for Acne-prone Skins

Acne-prone skin has a great propensity to develop pimples, leaving acne-marks. It is usually oily and appears extra shiny.

The sebaceous glands in such skin types have tendency to produce more sebum than in other skin types, thus, inducing the process of acne.

You need to be extra careful when buying a beauty product for acne-prone skin type. Here are two of the best Korean BB creams for acne-prone skins.

Let’s have a look!

Dr. Jart+ Premium Korean Beauty Balm SPF 45

Dr. Jart+ Premium Korean Beauty Balm SPF 45 that keeps you skin smoothen all day long. It instills sufficient moisturizing properties into the skin. It serves to be one of the best BB creams for acne-prone skin because it does not mess up with the pores or irritate the skin.

It also contains SPF-45 that is good enough to protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays and other environmental damages.

The most amazing feature of this BB cream is that it contains Bio-Peptide Complex that is finely infused with white gold, stimulating the production of collagen fibers. It not only freshens the skin but also reduces any premature signs of aging.

So much pros jampacked in Dr. Jart+ Premium Korean Beauty Balm SPF 45!

Shangpree Crystal BB Cream

Here comes the Shangree’s Crystal BB cream that provides a flawless look to your skin. Its botanical formula induces the growth of skin cells and prevent any bacteria from entering into your skin. It gibes a healthier, livelier and freshening look to your skin.

It consists of green tea water that serves to be a good antioxidant, providing nourishment to the skin. The glycerin and hyaluronic acid in it hydrate your skin. It contains arbutin that lessens hyperpigmentation. The adenosine in it activates the production of collagen.

Besides this, it provides protection against the sun damage and does not clog the pores. Indeed! A must buy BB cream for the acne-prone skins customers!

Best Korean BB Creams for Dry Skins

Dry skin does not produce enough moisture to keep the skin soft and supple. It leaves the skin rough and patchy that looks likes having scales. Dry skin should be kept moisturized to look fresh and healthy. Here are two best Korean BB creams for dry skin.

Let’s have a look!

G Daily Safe BB Cream Sensitive SPF 30

G Daily Safe BB Cream Sensitive SPF 30 is one of the best BB creams for dry skins. It gives a soothing effect to your skin, making it feel super rejuvenated. It is filled with rich ingredients such as linolenic acid, calendula flower and Hawaiin candlenut oil. These ingredients provide nourishment to your skin. They are also good enough to keep your skin moisturized all day long.

SPF 30 in this BB cream provides protection against the sun damage and tanning. It improves your skin health and add a subtle glow to it. So much pros jampacked in a BB cream for dry skin-Indeed sounds good!

Get your hands on this BB cream that is the best choice among the dry skinned people.

Mizon B.B. Cream Snail Repair Blemish Balm SPF 32

Here comes the BB cream with snail goo that takes your dry skin to a moisturized level. Snail mucus creates a fine barrier on your skin, thus, strengthening the elasticity of your skin type. It contains ingredients like snail mucus, vitamins and peptides that are all good enough to moisturize your dry skin.

It consists of SPF-32 that provides protection against the sun damage. It gives a low to medium colored coverage to your skin, helping to blur the blemishes and redness.

It is cruelty free. Besides this, it is produced without any fragrance, parabens and artificial colors. All these features make it the best choice for the dry, sensitive skin.


Is Korean BB cream suitable for all skin types?

Yes, BB creams are normally suitable for all skin types such as oily, dry or Acne-prone skins.

Is it normal to use BB cream daily?

The short answer is yes. You can use BB cream on daily basis.

Can we use Korean BB cream as moisturizer?

Yes, most of the Korean BB creams contain moisturizer that servers the purpose if your skin is oily.

Final Words

BB creams have proved to be guardian angels for those who spent hours in the hassle of applying multiple makeup products.

Being an all-in-one cream, BB creams instill stunning results to your skin. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, olive oil.

Arbutin, botanical extracts, tints and SPF- all these ingredients make for a good addition into your BB cream formula.

Make sure you pay heed to SPF, coverage and budget factors of the Korean BB cream. Get an idea from the above-mentioned reviews and enjoy the satisfying results.

final words about best korean bb cream