5 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Fair Skin Reviewed

If you are blessed with a fair skin and are hoping for a tanned look, then there is no need to fret about anything. Usually, tanning quality is infused in the genes and it produces natural melanin, helping in achieving a skin-kissed look.

People find the tanned look really attractive and some of them are head over heels in love with this skin tone. Today’s market is filled with the products that help to get a healthy, glowing tanned look in almost no time without any side effects.

Now a days, people wish to get bronzed with the least amount of effort. Indoor tanning lotions have jumped into the race of makeup products and they have solved the fuss created because of body tanning.

In order to achieve perfect tanning, the only requisite is to lay hands on best indoor tanning lotion. And the bonus is “No worries about sunburn!”

What is Tanning?

Tanning is the process which makes your skin look darker. Melanin is an enzyme which is present in the body of every individual. The difference in skin tones occur due to production level of melanin.

There is a diversity in the shade range of tanned looks. If one wishes to go for a darker shade, then he may reside in the simple tanned products available in the markets.

Indoor tanning lotions are the ointments which boost up the tanning process, by enhancing the production of melanin. The indoor tanning lotions activate melanocytes which in turn stimulate the production of melanin. They contain active ingredients like melanin and L-Tyrosine and some other ingredients like tea oil, green tea extracts, essential oils etc.

What is Bronzer?

Bronzer is a sort of ointment which gives the skin a tanned look. Many indoor tanning lotions contain bronzer. Bronzer helps achieve you a tanned tone and it do so almost immediately. The more bronzer in your lotion, the darker color you can achieve.

The indoor tanning lotions with bronzer also contain certain natural extracts that helps in the process of tanning.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Fair Skin in 2020

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for Fair Skin in 2020

There is variety of indoor tanning lotions in the market. You need to be careful enough to get your hands on the best indoor tanning lotion.

For your ease, I have made an insight into a number of best indoor tanning lotions with perfect quality. Some of them are really good for fair skin and others for sensitive skin. It is because they are relatively unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction.

Some of the lotions contain bronzer as an ingredient while some of them are without bronzer. So, don’t waste your precious time.

Just dive into the reviews of best indoor tanning lotions for fair skin, make a fine decision and then go for the worthy and best product in the stores!

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Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula

This lotion holds the topmost place in the category of best indoor tanning lotions. This product is claimed to give satisfactory results because of its rich and fine formula.

The perfectly blended formula of this lotion bronzes your skin and then it stimulates the melanin to speed up the tanning process. The look of tan on the skin seems as if it were naturally.

This product is rich with ingredients which include Kona coffee extract, Kukui nut oil and certain essential vitamins. Kona coffee extract contains the amazing element “Caffeine”, which performs an effective function of stimulating the flow of blood. Kukui nut oil is a traditional remedy, practiced for years, really helpful for sunburns.

The Vitamins A, C and E, are really vital antioxidants which prevent or slow down the signs of aging. They keep the skin fresh, keeping at bay any signals of wrinkles and fine lines.

Maui babe tanning salon formula does not contain any mineral oil, ensuring the safety of its usage for tanning beds. In the tanning beds, oils form a hazardous film on the acrylic. This very lotion is without any oil which adds to its plus points and benefits. Give a try to this product.

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

This product has a huge fan following all across the world because of it offers satisfactory results without any impulsion of a negative effect. Customers of this lotion show their willingness to use this wonderful product over and over again.

This lotion’s fine formula melts into the skin without giving any loud glossy look. The tan appears really smooth and natural on the skin. It also allows the tan look to remain for a prolonged period without any signs of dryness and uneven tan shades on skin. Bronzers present in this lotion helps to achieve a completely natural look.

This lotion is also rich with anti-aging and anti-dryness properties. Besides providing good tan to the skin, it also fulfills the skin’s need for appropriate moisture. This lotion also protects the tattoos from fading due to exposure to the sun light.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion-Protects Tattoos from Fading

Ed Hardy’s Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion is also one of the best indoor tanning lotions. This lotion ceases the fading of tattoos from ultraviolet rays.

It contains rich ingredients melanin and tyrosine which boost the process of tanning. These two ingredients are really effective and they work together to bring about the best results after the session of ultraviolet emission in tanning bed.

This lotion holds a unique property which makes it quite distinctive from other lotions of the very category. The property is its sweet fragrance from coconut oil and cocoa butter. These constituents provide enough nourishment to the skin and soften its texture. By soothing the skin, it enhances the prolonged duration of your skin tan.

Besides really good ingredients, this lotion also contains a blend called Body Fit. This amalgamate helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

People with pale skin often prefer this lotion because it contains tanning intensifiers. These intensifiers allow your skin to develop the dark tan you want!

Check this amazing product and witness the phenomenal results in a short time.

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

The New Solid Black Bronzer lotion from Millenium is becoming a popular product because of its unique tanning properties. It is best for those people who have a pale skin and they are the new comers in the race of tanning. It is well suited to the skin of these people as it forms a good tan surface that appeals to the humans.

It contains instant bronzers, which makes the skin look fresh and adequately tan right from the first session of tanning bed. This surprising quality of Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer strikes its customers.

It is rich with hemp and sunflower seed oil, which enhances the quality of the lotion as a good moisturizer. The lotion forms a smooth layer and fine texture. The further addition to the uniqueness of this specific lotion is its really good smell.

This lotion also contains chamomile and willow bark. These ingredients help to soothe the skin and prevents the skin from having any sort of tingling.

All these qualities place this product in the list of best indoor tanning lotions for both, sensitive and fair skins.


The Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer lotion is hypoallergenic i.e it is relatively unlikely to cause any allergic reaction. For all the sensitive skin people, you don’t need to fret about your skin tanning. A fine product has arrived the market to recue your sensitive skin and enhance your skin tanning.

This lotion contains certain natural extracts, vitamins and other ingredients necessary for the appearance of good layered tan on your skin. It is also free of dyes, perfumes and parabens.

Another plus point added to this product is its production from pure hemp seed oil, mango seed butter and oatmeal etc. All these elements combine together to form a blend. This combination serves as a protective layer and helps your skin from drying out under the light.

It also provides suitable moisture and nourishment to the skin and helps prevent it from any sort of unequal tanning. Thus, it gives a smooth, balanced and overall tan to your skin.


Before going for tanning session, you need to know your skin type. It is important to have knowledge about your skin type because it affects how well you tan. So, check it out first!

A tan can play a vital role in making your skin healthy and refreshing. It can make you feel confident more than ever. You need to choose the best indoor tanning lotion that will assist you in getting dark fast.

I hope the above-mentioned reviews about the best indoor tanning lotions will curtail some of your concerns regarding the authenticity of the products. I hope you discovered some of best option to try!