Five Best Black Soaps for Skin Lightening: Complete Buying Guide

The idea of having skin without pimples, blackheads, or any other dark spots sounds amazing, right? Such flawless skin may be a dream for some.

best black soap for skin lightening

You’ve probably heard an age-old solution for clear skin – a good amount of water intake. No doubt that hydrated skin gives a natural healthy glow, but there are also plenty of skincare products on the market to make your skin glow.

Advanced skin care products contain various kinds of chemicals which add to the fear of damaging your skin. According to the FDA, the ingredient of concern in cosmetics is parabens.

The Environmental Working Group states that parabens can lead to cancer and fertility problems. Hence, natural skin care products are greatly appreciated due to all these risks involved with chemical cosmetic products.

One of the oldest natural skin care products is African Black Soap which is great for skin lightening. Let us take a better look at the best black soap for skin lightening.

Our top picks are the following: 

  • SheaMoisture Face and Body African Black Soap Bar
  • Wonderfully Natural Organic African Black Soap
  • Our Earth’s Secrets Raw African Black Soap
  • Ahuike Pure Organic African Black Soap
  • Okay African Black Soap

Overall Best Black Soap

SheaMoisture Face and Body African Black Soap Bar

SheaMoisture Face and Body African Black Soap Bar Check Price on Amazon

SheaMoiisture face and body African Black Soap Bar was an all-rounder and most liked among the collection of African black soaps. Blended with natural ingredients like tamarind extract and tea tree oil, this black soap is a great choice for sensitive skins.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) carried out extensive research on patients having oily skin, to which they concluded that around 70% of people between the age of 15 and 20 are affected by oily skin conditions.

If you go snooping around the web, looking for remedies against oily skin, in most cases your first option would be washing your face. So why not wash your face with something that is made up of harmless and organic materials?

SheaMoisture face and body African black soap is the best cleanser for oily skin. The tea tree oil used in this soap helps greatly in mattifying the oily skin.

The addition of shea butter and aloe leaf juice makes it a promising choice as one of the best black soaps for skin lightening.

  • Works effectively against oily skins
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Not a great choice for dry skin

A universal crowd pleasure among the options of African black soaps – this can be your go-to choice for oily and blemish-prone skins.

Best Black Soap for Acne Treatment

Wonderfully Natural Organic African Black Soap

Wonderfully Natural Organic African Black Soap Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for an African black soap that works best for acne-prone skin, this is the perfect fit.

Wonderfully Natural’s Organic African Black Soap is a high-quality and 100% pure, unrefined choice. It has organic ingredients like palm kernel oil, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter cocoa pod ash, and purified water. 

According to the stats of the American Academy of Dermatology, up to 50 million Americans are affected with acne every year. 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 experience at least minor acne.

In addition, the number of women being affected by acne is increasing – around 15% of women are being affected by this. This soap works very effectively against acne, reviving your dead skin cells and getting rid of the germs causing acne. 

  • Works great against acne
  • Use of rich ingredients
  • Not a very friendly choice for your wallet

It is the best proven African black soap for dealing with harsh and damaged skin conditions, especially acne.

Best Raw Black Soap

Our Earth’s Secrets Raw African Black Soap

Our Earth's Secrets Raw African Black Soap Check Price on Amazon

The idea of a raw brick of soap straight from Africa without any additives sounds intriguing, right?

Out of all the best African black soaps for skin lightening, this is the purest choice one can ever have. Our Earth’s Secrets brings us a premium Raw African Black Soap that does not have any kind of artificial additives.

This soap is so pure to the extent that it does not even have any artificial fragrance added to it. 

The important thing to note about this soap is that it can not be directly applied to your face or body, as it has a rough texture and may contain some small particles of plantains that could scratch and cause irritation.

The ingredients used in this soap are:

  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Stearin Oil
  • Cocoa Pod Husk
  • Unrefined Shea Butter
  • Plantain Skin Ash
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Natural Sodium
  • Water
  • The purest form of African black soap
  • The lack of chemical additives makes it a great choice for delicate skin
  • Can not be directly applied to the skin due to possible particles of plantains

The rarest and purest form of African black soap is a great choice for various skin types where any sort of artificial additives are not involved. 

Best Multi-Purpose Black Soap

Ahuike Pure Organic African Black Soap

Ahuike Pure Organic African Black Soap Check Price on Amazon

This is not only one of the best black soaps for skin lightening but it is also an all-purpose choice that can be used to get rid of various skin ailments. This soap is proven effective to reduce the appearance of:

  • Acne
  • Dark spots
  • Pimples and breakouts
  • Eczema
  • Dry skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Dandruff
  • Rashes
  • Burns
  • Sun damage

Apart from treating all the aforementioned situations, it also has anti-aging properties which promote cell renewal and provides a youthful glow, making it one of the best black soaps for skin lightening.

Ahuike Pure Organic African Black Soap comes with three scent options to choose from: coconut, chocolate or unscented.

The addition of shea butter in this soap can help relieve itchiness and soothe dry skin. The moisture of your skin can be restored with the help of cocoa and coconut oil used in it.

  • Gentle texture can easily be used directly on the skin
  • Leaves behind a thick black residue in your sink

If you are looking for something that could tackle a wide range of skin conditions this is the most flexible choice to treat various skin issues. 

Best Budget Black Soap

Okay African Black Soap

Okay African Black Soap Check Price on Amazon

It is a fact that the most high-quality items used in skin care routines are expensive. This is not the case with Okay African Black Soap – it is the most budget-friendly choice amongst the pool of best black soaps for skin lightening.

Delivering a gentle cleansing experience, this soap comes in a round shape which makes it a unique choice among the other African black soaps which are mostly available in a rectangular shape.

It helps in the reduction of hyperpigmentation caused by acne scarring and sun damage. Moreover, this antifungal choice is safe to use for treating conditions like toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Not a suitable choice for extra-dry and sensitive skin

Packed with essential nutrients, it is an effective choice to treat various skin conditions. This is the soap that will help treat your skin keeping your wallet happy. 

What is African Black Soap? 

As the name implies, it is soap that is made in Africa, West Africa to be exact, and it is dark in color. It is organic and the purest form of soap made of ash generated from locally harvested African plants. 

It does not contain any chemical additives. The lack of chemicals makes it a preferred choice for sensitive skins. This soap is often made by local women using traditional recipes, which are then exported through fair trade.

The ingredients used in the production of black soap may vary and depend on where the soap is made, but most of them use palm kernel oil, shea butter, and ashes of burnt cocoa pod or roasted plantain skin.

There are plenty of African black soaps on the market today, some might be more processed than others. Although, the soap with the least amount of processing is preferable as it has minimal additives.

What are the Benefits of Black Soaps?

Black soaps have plenty of benefits, including that they act as an antibacterial solution, which is proven to work better than medicated soaps. The medicated soaps have various chemicals which may cause a reaction and damage your skin.

Black soap is made up of organic ingredients and is in its rawest form. Some of the most prominent benefits of black soaps are the following:

  • Helps reduce acne and clears blemishes
  • A suitable choice for people with eczema
  • Acts as a good makeup removal alternative
  • It is safe for most skin types due to minimum additives
  • Eliminates razor bumps
  • Fights effectively against fungus and yeast
  • Works effectively towards skin lightening

Best Black Soap for Skin Lightening

There is not one ideal choice of best black soap for skin lightening because it may vary for different skin types. You have to choose the one that best suits your skin.

Raw black soap has the purest form of ingredients, which can dry out even the oiliest of skins, and dry skin can lead to redness rather than lightning. If you have oily skin you can go ahead with a raw form of black soap making sure that you do not apply that directly to your face. 

Those with dry skin should look for soaps with shea butter or any other moisturizing ingredients, which can help soften your skin along with lightning. 

Some people who have extremely sensitive skin are prone to allergies from the natural ingredients used in black soaps, so you need to confirm the ingredients of the soap to make sure it is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for organic lotion to moisturize your face after the wash, you should check out our list of best face moisturizers with SPF protecting you from the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in black soaps?

To select the best soap out of all the available options, you need to look for a few factors before buying.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter acts as an effective moisturizing agent in black soaps. Not all black soaps have this formula, but it is very important for people who have dry skin.


The recipe used in the production of soap may vary. An ideal choice for black soap would be the one that has a minimum amount of unnatural additives.


There are a few choices of scents in black soaps, you may choose the one you like the most. Generally, the unscented option is preferred because it does not have any additives to add the fragrance.

How to use black soaps? 

It is advised not to use the black soap directly on your skin as it has a rough texture and is in the raw form which may cause an unpleasant experience like irritation.

The best approach to using this soap is to wet the soap and then lather it. Apply the lather to your face in circular motions for a few seconds and then rinse with water, preferably warm. 

Best Brands


SheaMoisture emerged from Sierra Leone in 1912. A woman named Sofi Tucker, a mother of four, started this business by selling shea butter, African black soap, and homemade honey beauty items.

Wonderfully Natural

Wonderfully Natural is a brand that makes its products in Ghana, West Africa. It incorporates ancient plant-based recipes in its products making them organic and effective in use. Operating through Amazon, it ships its items all over the world.

Our Earth’s Secrets

Our Earth’s Secrets was based on the idea of bringing the best natural products to the market by working directly with the farmers. They have a large line of raw and natural products that are produced under the strict policy of prohibiting harmful chemicals and child labor.


Ahuike is a brand that deals with handmade facial bar soap and body wash. This small-scale business operates on Amazon.

Okay Pure Naturals

Okay Pure Naturals is a family-owned business that only had a handful of items back in 2010, but now  has grown to more than 100 products including oils, soaps, butter, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments.

The Takeaway 

African black soap is a great organic product with the ability to tackle multiple kinds of skin problems. 

If we narrow down our options for the best black soap for skin lightening, SheaMoisture Face and Body African Black Soap Bar is our overall favorite, as it is suitable for a variety of skin types and can tackle various skin conditions.

Or if you want to go with something that can keep your pocket happier, Okay African Black Soap is the most budget-friendly choice.

If this soap does not sit well on your skin and you develop a rash or experience an allergic reaction, you should stop using it and consult with your dermatologist.

One important thing to note about African black soap is that it will not lighten your skin overnight, it takes some time and consistency to observe some changes. 

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