Aquaphor vs Eucerin – Which is Better for your Skin Type?

What comes to your mind when you are hit by an extremely dry and cracked skin? Definitely, it’s a Lotion that comes to your rescue and makes your skin super soft and smooth.

Basic lotions don’t serve the purpose enough, so you need to go an extra mile and get your hands on the properly tagged “Repairing products”.

Aquaphor and Eucerin make their way in the list of lotions that possess healing powers, helping your skin to regenerate as much as it can.

Want to know about Aquaphor and Eucerin? Let’s have a look at the contents and find out which is better for your skin type?

Are Aquaphor and Eucerin Similar? How are they different?

A clear-cut answer is NO!

Although Aquaphor is manufactured by the company Eucerin, yet both the products are different in their characteristics and ingredients.

Aquaphor vs Eucerin

Most of the people lay their hands on Aquaphor and Eucerin for same purposes, but it is not a right approach.

Aquaphor secures a top position against Eucerin cream when used as an emollient for treating dry, scaly and dehydrated skin. Both of them lock-up moisture in your skin, helping it to heal quickly.

Aquaphor is manufactured by using 41% petroleum jelly. It might look similar to Vaseline, but actually it isn’t. It is not as greasy product like Vaseline, but still it tends to be greasier compared to other repairing lotions. It creates an ample moisturizing barrier for your skin.

Eucerin, being available in both forms i.e. crème or lotion, tends to be a less greasier option than Aquaphor. This quality makes it a better option to be applied on sensitive areas of your body like face, hands etc.

I think, Eucerin lotion works well as compared to crème version of Eucerin because of its amazing healing properties.

Benefits of Aquaphor and Eucerin

Bundle of skin issues can be healed by using these lotions. A sneak-peak into some of the common uses of Aquaphor and Eucerin is as follows:

Protective Layer for Wound Care

After cleaning the wound and stopping it from bleeding, you need to apply Aquaphor to create a barrier for retaining moisture and enabling faster healing.

Both of them can curtail the growth of bacteria, preventing the flourishment of an infection.

Works Well Against Dry Feet

The soles of your feet dry out easily. Because of no oil glands in this area, the soles do not retain moisture. Cracked skin is caused by this problem.

By soaking your feet in luke warm water and then rinsing them off, apply Aquaphor and put on socks. It works wonders.

Mild Cases of Eczema

If you are having severe case of eczema, its better to consult a doctor. In case of mild situation, Aquaphor can come to your aid. All you need is to gently rub a wet cloth on the area and then apply an appropriate amount of Aquaphor on it.

Against Burns

Both Aquaphor and Eucerin help to heal the minor burns. Wind burns, sun burns and burns caused by friction are healed effectively by these lotions.

First, burns should be washed under cold water. Dry it up and after that apply a generous amount of lotion on the burnt area.

Pros and Cons of Aquaphor


Aquaphor is manufactured to protect your skin against cracked hands, burns and several other skin infections. It is clinically tested to restore the softness of your skin.

41% petrolatum in Aquaphor allows the smooth flow of oxygen.

Panthenol and Glycerin in Aquaphor nourish your skin. It also protects your skin against harsh effects of the weather.

Some of the pros and cons of Aquaphor are as follows:

  • Perfect option for extremely dry and cracked skin
  • A versatile product
  • Available in different amounts/sizes
  • Fragrance-free
  • Inhibits the bacterial growth on skin
  • Softens the dry cuticles
  • A bit expensive than Eucerin
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Pros and Cons of Eucerin


Eucerin lotion imparts hydrating properties to your skin. Due to Ceramide-3, this lotion locks up moisture in your skin. It contributes to your healthy, soft and smooth skin.

It consists of Urea and Glycerin as key ingredients. It helps in removing dead cells of your skin, leaving it super hydrated.

This lotion is manufactured without having any greasy feel. You can enjoy applying it rather than dreading it over on your skin. A budget-friendly option that lasts longer, providing a mass of benefits to your skin.

  • Ceramide-3 retains moisture in your skin
  • A budget-friendly option
  • Highly recommended by dermatologists
  • Not imparts a greasy feel
  • Moisturizing feature lasts up to 48 hours
  • Works well for flaky skin
  • Sensitivity to the sun is increased to a high level
  • Sometimes turn out to be sticky
  • Not recommended for face use
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Which One is Better for Your Skin Type?

Both Aquaphor and Eucerin are jampacked with healing properties for your skin. Sometimes, both of them can be used for same purposes but their effectiveness is different.

Aquaphor is a good option for those who are having some serious or problematic skin issues like eczema etc. Being thick in its nature, it works well by keeping your skin moisturized.

Petroleum jelly in Aquaphor protects your skin against dryness. It also works well against skin burns.

Eucerin is a good option for dealing with small skin issues like dryness. It works good as a Korean moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated for long.

Being composed of humectants, it locks up water in your skin.

Both Aquaphor and Eucerin are better options than other normal moisturizers. Pay heed to the nature of your skin problem and then choose either Aquaphor or Eucerin that is best suited to your skin.


Aquaphor and Eucerin are one of the best options among skin healing moisturizers.

With an adequate amount of research on the ingredients, properties and features of both the lotions, you will have a clear notion on what to get your hands on.

Get an idea from the above-mentioned information and solve the puzzle of whether to use Aquaphor or Eucerin. Best of luck!