This image contains the All in motion logo, the brand is made by the target. They have much clothing for men, women, and children, such as legging, pants, short, bra, tank top, and many more.

All In Motion Athletic Clothing You Must Get Now

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Athletic clothing for everyone

This image contains the All in motion logo, the brand is made by the target. They have much clothing for men, women, and children, such as legging, pants, short, bra, tank top, and many more.
Activewear for a reasonable price

All in motion is one of the popular modern athleisure fashion trends within the new era. The combination of fashion and comfort aims to uses during any athletic activity, such as sports, fitness, hiking, etc.

Over the past years, we’ve seen multiple established brands launch their own athleisure clothing, as well as new companies that solely dedicate their entire catalog to this fashion trend.

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We all know that working out is very important and essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, this year specifically has been challenging because of COVID-19, with gyms, parks, and even beaches closing. Many people started having a more sedentary lifestyle during the last months, and we can’t blame them! Who doesn’t love staying home and being lazy?

But as some cities and states slowly start reopening, people need some motivation, and what you wear while you work out can certainly be one. Many are used to wear baggy, loose, and old clothes to work out. These clothes are comfortable but not meant for working out. That’s when the athleisure clothing steps in!

All in Motion

Two incredible women are wearing all in motion athletic clothing and enjoying it. Next to them also have the all in motion logo.
Activewear for all.

Target knew they needed to catch up with the newest trends, so they decided to create their own athleisure clothing Line by the name of “All in Motion.” In their statement, Target says this clothing line is meant for everyone. And this inclusive mentality is crucial! Many other brands focus only on creating clothes for small and sometimes unrealistic sizes.

They have quite a large catalog which includes clothes and shoes: Women, Men, boys, and girls. And not just that but also sports and fitness gear to aid you during your workout sessions. “All in Motion” is for everyone, and they were serious.  They even released special jackets for them.

Target takes pride in how the clothes are created and some benefits they offer to promote more comfortable wear. Some of the special characteristics some of these athleisure clothing have are breathable fabrics, moisture absorbing, 4-way stretch, and flat steams for a smooth look.

The released

Target released the “All in motion” collection in January 2020 in all 1800+ Target locations, and people love it.  One of the main reasons is because of the variety of options to choose from. And regardless of your style, you will find something you will like for sure, whether you prefer minimalistic and mute colors or more extravagant prints and patterns.

Target also released a statement regarding the materials used for this clothing line, and they announced that the materials used are 100% sustainable, like recycled polyester and sustainably sourced cotton. That is always a plus!

So, if you are trying to get some new clothes to leave the sedentary life behind and finally get back to work out even from home, you should check out their collection and see if you like anything. Having new clothes to wear will maybe give you that little push and motivation you need.

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